Top Time-Saving & Productivity Tools for Busy CEOs

When it comes to managing time, it often feels like there is never enough. As the CEO, if you’re not careful, your day can quickly be overrun with fire-fighting and endless meetings. So, finding the right tools and strategies to maximize your time and productivity is key. Here are the top tools to use everyday to help you get things done without being overwhelmed. Motion. Want to get 25% more done? Motion is a new calendar plugin that reimagines howRead more

Maximize Your Meetings: Establish Meeting Days & Stick to Them

For busy CEOs, especially in this post-pandemic space, handling meetings (both in-person and virtual) is becoming a much-needed skill. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself spending more time in meetings, than working on the business. To avoid this from happening, it’s important to take control of your meetings and limit them to certain days during the week. In this way you’re much more prepared to be fully present during your meetings and not have to worry about juggling meetings with mission-critical tasks that must be completed. …

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How to Save Meeting Times: Creating Powerful Meeting Agendas

When it comes to meetings, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that meetings are as productive as possible. We’ve previously discussed shortening meetings to just 15 or 30 minutes to keep everyone on track and focused on achieving a goal. However, we can increase the effectiveness of meetings by also setting a powerful agenda and communicating that at least 24 hours before the meeting. This practice does three things to help you maximize your time:

  1. You can set the priority of what to discuss.

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The CEO’s Secret to More Productive Workweeks: Establish Weekly Goals & Track Your Progress

Every week brings with it a host of unique challenges that can be hard to foresee ahead of time. That’s why making it a practice to plan each week and outline weekly goals is so important for CEOs looking to maximize their time. According to the leading CEO advisory consultants, here are the best ways to take back control over your weeks and show up on Monday morning focused on results – no matter what happens next.

  1. Carve out time for planning time on Sunday. Though the …

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Are Bottlenecks Sabotaging Your Time: Why Quarterly Process Reviews Are a Must for CEOs

How often are you reviewing your processes to ensure they aren’t producing unnecessary time bottlenecks? If you were to ask most CEOs, the answer may surprise you. Researchers have found that up to 44% of employees (including CEOs) are wasting time at work every day because of process inefficiencies. That could account for hundreds of hours a year of lost time spent doing extra work or steps that don’t move the needle. So, if you have not reviewed your most time-consuming processes this year (or …

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How to Increase Productivity in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

The last 12 months have forced many businesses to pivot and adjust in new and unexpected ways. Despite the global pandemic, you, as the CEO, are still expected to perform at a high level, every day, without fail. However, maintaining your peak performance, amidst the stress and uncertainty in today’s post-pandemic business world can be overwhelming – not just for you, but also for your staff. According to leading CEO peer group and CEO professional development consultants, here are the top ways that you can enhance your productivity.

  1. Be …

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Now Is the Best Time to Get a Personal Assistant

Avoiding burnout is a major concern for even the most experienced CEO, especially in the midst of today’s coronavirus pandemic. With nearly everyone working from home, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, adding in more time for recreational activities, or even reducing your work schedule are all important ways to manage your mental and emotional health. And, researchers are now pointing to the use of personal assistants as an effective way to get the help you need to stay fresh and energized through this global health crisis. In a 2019 survey, …

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Want to Excel in 2020? Focus on These 7 Topics

As the leader of your organization staying on top of everything in and out of your role can be another full-time job. Finding the time to dedicate to focusing on important topics to improve workplace productivity, enhance employee relationships, and tap into innovation to drive your company forward is often a challenge. According to leading CEO peer groups, these are the top 7 topics every CEO should make an effort to reflect on at least once a week.

  1. Think about the future. With the business landscape changing so rapidly, it is important to stay …

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Why a Narrower Focus Can Be Your Winning Advantage

In today’s society, and especially for CEOs, it is assumed that the more you can do, the better or more productive you will be. Though on the surface this logic may seem true, doing too many things at once can have adverse effects. The human brain is designed to be able to master anything but it is not built to master everything. To be successful, CEOs will need to begin narrowing their focus so they channel their energy to go deeper and more thoroughly in a topic than spreading themselves too thin across …

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Top 5 Business Tools for CEOs

As the CEO, you’re often pulled in multiple directions throughout the workday. Learning to work smarter, not harder becomes a skill that you have to perfect over time. By leveraging technology tools to help you accomplish, even small tasks can be an effective way to free up time for more strategic efforts. With a new business tool coming on the market every week, staying up-to-date on which ones may work the best in helping you to achieve a higher level of productivity is a full-time job. To get you started, I …

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