BrainTrust CEO Growth Strategies


All Brain Trust Members have the option for their company to participate in The Center for Inspired Performance (CIP) which has been working with corporate leaders for more than twenty years – helping them align their organizations around their highest leverage points and implementing growth strategies.

CIP’s unique experience as a research, design and consulting firm has been focused on understanding, at very deep levels, what it takes to accurately assess an organization, design its underlying structure and implement enterprise-wide change efforts.

On a Monthly/Quarterly basis, your management team will meet to build a Focus Driven, Generative Organization. Such an organization is required when you absolutely need to have clarity of focus and everyone aligned around the highest leverage points to optimize productivity, achieve competitive advantage and be innovative and inspired in their way of implementing new growth strategies.

This allows people to go beyond their past-best performance on a daily basis. You are then able to control your organizational destiny and have a workforce committed to innovation and creative thinking.

This process will provide a consistent, complete, comprehensive organizational and management team development process that:

  • Aligns everyone in the organization.
  • Optimizes Productive Capacity.
  • Removes limits to growth and reactive behavior.
  • Provides a talent management process to coach and develop leaders at all levels.
  • Develops strategies and executes on them.

Once or twice a year the entire team attends a retreat where they develop skills, strategies, systems, structure, processes and recharges their energy to move the organization forward.

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