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Every month, The Brain Trust brings together the most seasoned and forward-thinking CEOs for a unique half day CEO organization meeting designed to encourage idea sharing and CEO training.

CEO Organizations

The Brain Trust Management Team is comprised of industry-leading CEOs, organization specialists, and strategists with over 140 years of combined experience.


  • Kennesaw State University, Founder & Executive Director Entrepreneurship Center
  • University of Georgia, Founder & Director Entrepreneurship Program
  • Georgia State University, Assistant Director Entrepreneurship Center
  • 22 academic and corporate universities – Helped develop leadership and entrepreneurship programs


  • Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship (RICE), Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship, Founder & Executive Director
  • International Entrepreneurship Institute, Executive Director


  • CD Warehouse, Music Retail
  • Dead Dog Records, Recording Studio
  • Atlanta Entertainment Group, Entertainment & Production
  •, Government Solutions
  • Academy Capital, Business Valuation & Expert Witness Testimony
  • Blue Cloud Export, Heavy-Duty Truck Exporter
  • Innovations Publishing, Venture Capital Data


  • Taught executives from many industries formal and customized MBA programs
  • Has led over 370 sessions with leadership teams for fast-growing companies and large brands including UPS, McKinsey & Company, and Truist Bank on such topics as:
    • Interpersonal Relationships, Listening Skills, Empathy
    • Influence and Self-Awareness
    • Delegation, Empowerment and Communication skills
    • Motivation, Engagement and Building Effective Teams
    • Mentoring, Developing Internal Talent, Succession Planning
    • Strategy and Strategic Thinking

Author: Books on low-risk entrepreneurship published by McGraw Hill.


  • University of Georgia, BBA in Risk Management
  • San Jose State University, MBA in Finance
Keynote Speech

  • Founder and CEO, Wisie, Inc (Internet Media Business)
  • Founder and CEO, Hot Glove, Inc. (Sporting Goods Accessories Manufacturer)
  • Founder and CEO, Cramer Enterprises, Inc.(Television Direct Response Marketing Company)
  • Co-founder and CEO, BORIS Systems, Inc.(Computer Software Company)
  • Co-founder and CEO, American Business Overseas, Inc. (Export Trading Company)


Keynote Speaker on the topic of Computer Technology Innovation


Tom is a 4-time All American athlete and an honors graduate of Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, with a BA in Marketing. A native of Essexville, Michigan, he enjoys reading, golfing and parenting. He resides in Woodstock, Georgia, and is most proud of his role as father to his 33 year old daughter, Kacy, 29 year old son, Steven, 27 year old stepdaughter, Brittany, and as mentor to 30 year old Ben Marchuk.


Bill Schwartz - Brain Trust CEO Management Team BILL SCHWARZ,
  • Founder and CEO of his first company in High School. Sold it to a competitor before leaving for College.
  • Founder and CEO of a direct sales company in college that employed 310 people on 3 campuses.
  • Founder and CEO (at the age of 21) of a motivational seminar company with thousands attending each event to hear legendary thinkers of personal, sales and organizational growth in all major cities.
  • At the age of 26 he was Director of two Executive MBA Programs on Organizational Change and Leadership … designed to transform American business and on 3 campuses.
  • His faculty were the most distinguished individuals in the history of Executive MBA Programs such as:
    1. Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey and George Odiorn on Leadership, strategy and management by Objectives.
    2. Edward Deming and Rom Cheram on Organizational Leadership, Quality and Growth
    3. Eli Goldratt on Leadership
    4. Larry Wilson on the Theory of Constraints
    5. David Merrill on Sales Effectiveness
    6. Abraham Maslow … personality profile pioneer
    7. James Harrington on Hierarchy of Needs and Human Growth
    8. Warren Bennis on Continuous Improvement for Quality Innovation
    9. Jack Gibbs and Larry Miller on Leadership Values and Creation
  • Attendees were entire management teams (including the CEO) such as the Coca-Cola team (Goizueta era), Bell South, and other companies at that level and many, many others.
  • Then established a private satellite network to deliver world class performance to the world!
  • Founder and CEO of The CEO Alliance and The Center for Inspired Performance.
  • Has worked with over 250 CEOs and their companies implementing inspirational and transformational material from his books.
  • His clients have experienced a combined, incremental net profit of over $750 million dollars over the course of the last 20 years and combined exit values of over $800 million dollars.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors of several entrepreneurial corporations.


Content for 25 Three Day Retreats

3 Books:

  1. Building A Generative Organization…. From Reactive Behavior to Inspired Performance
  2. Mastering the Forces of Change, a revolutionary way to achieve sales success
  3. Generative Leadership for Organizational Transformation

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