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CEO Organization Testimonials | Atlanta, GA

Our CEO Organization has a 15 year heritage of mutual contribution which has provided our members with experiences that have resulted in many success stories. Our members talk about their experiences:

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“Coming to the Brain Trust CEO Group has helped me immensely. It’s helping me grow my company. It’s helping me understand how easy it is to solve some of the issues around differentiation strategies, legalities, organizational structure, compensation, buyouts, exit strategy… all those things which are possibly in our future.

It’s helped me understand those things, because I’m around other people who’ve been there and done that. It’s the best time investment I make, absolutely, in anything I do, and I recommend it highly to anyone who is interested in improving and optimizing their business.”

Ken Robbins, Co-founder/President, ResponseMine Interactive

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“It was very hard for me to pull the trigger on committing the time to the Brain Trust Meetings. I’m extremely busy, as all CEO’s are. However, I am delighted that I have allocated the time and made the leap. I discovered that being covered up had a component of being so consumed with fighting the battles with bows and arrows, that I was too busy to learn how to use laser guided missiles. The Brain Trust is a laser guided missile development think tank.”

Bob Lewis, CEO, Mobile Media Enterprises, LLC

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“I read Bill’s book three times, and after 6 months of implementing his concepts I was able to reduce my head count from 200 to 150 people, reduce my inventory by 50%, increase my annualized inventory turn from 4 to 9 times, and increase my gross margins by 6 points.”

Kevin Melendy, President, Spectral Response, Inc.

Tom, Bill and Team Brain Trust,
Well as they say…all good things must come to an end. We are selling our Atlanta and Orlando Linen operations April 1, and soon afterward I will be moving to the Great Lakes State to continue the journey to execute our exit strategy. One of the things I will miss most in Atlanta is the Brain Trust – and most specifically, the people who take the time each month to meet. Thank You all for sharing your experiences, stories, challenges, trials, victories and lessons learned. I will always cherish your insights and friendship!

Tom & Bill, I have been blessed and fortunate to have each of you as Teacher and Coach. You left an indelible print by challenging, reflecting and modeling. You each have achieved monetary success over your careers but it pales in comparison to your Significance. By Significance, I mean the impact you had on others, your service to many, and your courage to be a center of influence to most. I hope you someday realize the number of people you have touched, how many smiles you have caused, how many tears you have eased, and how many careers you have impacted. Thanks for all the above.

When I look back to my first meeting in November 2012 it was clear that Tom and Bill had a mission to Inspire & Excite. Well done guys! But as important, they set the stage for – Good Fun with Good People…. who could ask for more?
I wish you all Success beyond your loftiest Dreams!
May God continue to Bless you all.Jim Krupansky, CEO, Southeast Linen Associates, Inc.

The experience of the BrainTrust over the last five years has been wonderful. I have learned immensely and the friendships are invaluable! I fully intend to seek to come back after a few years off. This is the time for Joe to be exposed to the MBA type of material and speakers, and the relationships that he can build with other members will be great. Keep up the good work!
Mike Hoffman, Managing Partner, Hoffman & Associates (Law Firm)
A quick thank you for inviting me to The Brain Trust. I have never been in such a powerful group with great leaders and a great amount of discipline of staying focused during the meeting.
Dirk DeVuyst, CEO, International Marble Industries, Inc.
The benefits that I have received as a participant in The Brain Trust are:

  • Great Speakers.
  • Valuable insights that you can leverage in your own business.
  • Good sounding board for ideas from other members.
  • Great feedback and candor on challenges within your business.
  • Outstanding cross section of businesses offer true out of the box thinking.
  • Last but not least, Bill and Tom’s guidance and expertise.
Russ Wheeler, President-North America Hansgrohe, Inc.

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Each of the monthly meetings over this past year has been outstanding. The external speakers that you have made available, their real world experience and advice have been excellent.

What has made it especially worthwhile is the member interaction. The experience of the group and their approach to problem solving was especially valuable. Another benefit that I found was the openness of the group and their willingness to share their issues with the group and make non-judgmental suggestions.

Additionally, the one-on-one time that you spend with each member is also quite beneficial; a number of other members have commented accordingly.Tom Berger, Former CEO, 8 Venture Capital Backed Start-ups
Former Operating Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners


Coming to a group like the Brain Trust has helped me immensely. It’s helping me grow my company. It’s helping me understand how easy it is to solve some of the issues around legalities, organizational structure, compensation, buyouts, exit strategy, all those things, which are possibly in our future.

It’s helped me understand those things, because I’m around other people who’ve been there. It’s the best time investment I make, absolutely, in anything I do, is coming to a peer group like this.

So, I strongly advise that anybody who is trying to grow their company, take the time to find a peer group, and this is a great one, because the owner and the guy who founded it with the vision, runs it day to day.Ken Robbins, CEO, ResponseMine, Inc.

The Benefits that I have received as a participant are faster dissection and responses to the unexpected, confidence in approaching difficult problems, dealing with tense/emotional issues, a safe environment to raise tough, proprietary topics, raised awareness of self/options in business and terrific intellectual stimulation.Ned Montag, CEO, A. Montag & Associates
Through his work as Chairman of The Brain Trust, Tom Cramer has delivered valuable insight and direction to business owners on business planning of all kinds. His experience and know-how have been of great value to me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.Gary Giles, CEO, ClarityMatters (Inc. 500 Member)
Our lunch confirmed what I already thought…that The Brain Trust – and you as an individual component of that – is going to add great value to Core Potential’s long term success as well as to my personal goals.

Excited would be an understatement on my part.Randi Drinkwater, CEO, Core Potential Marketing, LLC

I am so grateful to have been found by you and Bill so early on in my career. Looking back 20 years from now, your impact in my life will be absolutely immeasurable.Joseph Duke, CEO, Retail Visibility, Inc.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that after joining the Braintrust about a year ago, I have clearly received a great return on the investment.

The presentations and discussions have positively affected my management style and our marketing. The retreat and the connections have been very helpful. Thank you for bringing such a well planned program together.Ron Bushman, CEO, InfoRetail, Inc.

I was watching TDM today and I just wanted to stop and tell you how much I appreciate having you in my life. You have helped me so much with our business and personal situation. Through my participation in the Braintrust, I grew as a person and a business leader.

You introduced me to the Hedgehog concept that has provided a great deal of direction for my life. You helped me see that I could not do everything well, and that I needed to let go of some things.

I have the ability to make choices about what will be. As they say in Landmark, life is empty and meaningless. It is only by our choices that we “fill it up” with what our life will contain – the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

It is sad that so many times people have such a wonderful affect on our lives and yet we never take the time to let them know. Thank you.Gina Carr, CEO, Around Town Community Magazines

It was very helpful and comforting to know that there are fellow business people that experience the same issues I experience running a business … and the speakers have been great.Mandy Chapman, President, Roytec Industries, Inc.
As a CEO it’s so easy to get caught in not knowing what you don’t know. No one person can know it all, and I have found The Brain Trust to be a world class resource for me to discover what I don’t know and get the help and counsel that I need.Bob Lewis, CEO, Mobile Media Enterprises, LLC
I have been exposed to new trends in industry, ideas on strategic planning and marketing, and the power of accountability to someone else other than myself.Gordon Dixon, CEO, ARI, Inc.
The Brain Trust has provided me a Board of Directors level of accountability. I have also found the speakers to be unusually beneficial. Exposure to this wealth of knowledge in an intimate group of fellow CEO’s is much more valuable than presentations in other venues.Bob Wilensky, CEO, AmTrust Mortgage Corporation (Inc. 500 Member)
My participation in The Brain Trust has helped me with decision making, stimulated important thought processes about all areas of my business, given me exposure to top thinkers in the business world (the speaker program), challenged me to stretch myself and provided me with a peer group that can relate to and validate my thinking.Robert Bairstow, CEO, Bairstow Lifting Products Company
Do you ever wonder? What would it be like if exhaust wasn’t the excepted smell of the ages, but instead pineapple, or lemon; or what if we could have our own personal scent enveloping each one of us like a odoriferous soundtrack. What if you weren’t just responsible for eeking out a modest living reacting to perpetual crisis? Wonder gives us a chance to visit places that seem make believe from where we are currently viewing, but as objective as the sky appears blue – wonder is one step on the way where make believe comes true. The Braintrust is a safe place where creators come together to explore unfamiliar terrain; to encourage, challenge and support one another on our personal journeys; and learn about other perspectives. I continually ask myself, “What if I could be better every day than the one before?”. With just a little success, one comes to understand the magnitude of responsibility embedded in that message. I, for one, sense its intrigue and pleasure; and choose there to be no other way. I am proud to journey with the friends I have made at the Braintrust and am ever grateful for their repeated inspiration.Joseph Duke, Founder and CEO, Center Stage Business Solutions, Inc.

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