Top Time-Saving & Productivity Tools for Busy CEOs

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When it comes to managing time, it often feels like there is never enough. As the CEO, if you’re not careful, your day can quickly be overrun with fire-fighting and endless meetings. So, finding the right tools and strategies to maximize your time and productivity is key. Here are the top tools to use everyday to help you get things done without being overwhelmed.

Motion. Want to get 25% more done? Motion is a new calendar plugin that reimagines how you schedule meetings. Designed to minimize distractions and prevent constant task switching, the AI-driven tool gives you insights into the best times to schedule a meeting, adds in blocked off times between meetings, and shows you when to complete tasks to avoid interruptions. 

Pomodoro. As a busy executive, completing tasks in a limited amount of time has often become your new normal. However, it can be challenging to stay focused when you know your attention is needed in 10 other areas of your business. The Pomodoro method chunks time into 25-minute attention blocks, which helps to train your brain to stay focused on a task without fatigue. Using the Pomodoro tracker, you can block your day into 25-minute segments with 5 to 10-minute breaks in between. CEOs have found great success with this method and note higher rates of productivity with this time-blocking method.

FlyMSG. Made originally for sales leaders, this innovative Chrome browser plugin is making it even easier to get more done – regardless of your industry. You can create “FlyPlates” which are short code messages that instantly pull in saved text. So, if you constantly send out meeting requests or meeting follow up messages, create a saved template and have the message created for you in seconds. Not only is the plugin free to use, but FlyMSG’s message templates can be used on any website, email provider, even social media platform as well.

Todoist. If you’re like most CEOs, you likely have a long list of to-do’s running in your head. Whether you have an Executive Assistant or not, getting all of your daily tasks documented in one place can be very helpful to prioritize your day. Todoist is the ultimate mobile checklist that allows you to add and track daily tasks that you need to complete. You can get time-based reminders and can quickly check off items and have a snapshot of what’s left to conquer for the day.

Voxer. How many emails do you send that could be resolved by a quick 30 second conversation? Many times it is easier to dictate what needs to be done than to have to type it all out and play the email back and forth game. Voxer is a messaging app that enables you to send audio messages of up to 15 minutes. This way, you could respond to internal emails with voice messages that save you time from having to type anything.

By using even just one tool from this list, you can easily save up to three hours a week. Many of these offer free versions for you to try, but they are all designed to empower you to be more productive, organized, and ready to tackle the day’s tasks. 

What time-saving or productivity tools do you use now? Comment below and let’s compare notes!