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The Brain Trust™ is an Atlanta area based CEO advisory group comprised of CEOs, Presidents, Managing Partners and business owners.

Bottom line: We help CEOs create the future for their company.
… and in doing so, we bring further purpose and value in each other’s lives.

Here is how we do this :

  1. We hold a monthly half day CEO Mastermind meeting where we sit together and challenge each other to think differently about our respective companies. We exist to enable our members to obtain unbiased feedback, to learn from each other, to develop CEO skills and learn how to dominate their industries through differentiating strategies and innovative thinking … priceless insight only CEO Peers can offer.The member experience is that each CEO has the opportunity to get out of the chaos of their business once per month and think more strategically about their business and rub shoulders with likeminded people who have no reason to be there other than to help each other become incredibly successful. At the end of the meeting we adjourn to a dinner party sponsored by TBT. If you are traveling, you even have the option to come to the meeting on Zoom.
  2. Once per month we learn from a world class speaker on Zoom for a 2 hour interactive presentation.
  3. … AND You have access to our serial entrepreneur Brain Trust Co-Chairs for coaching on demand. Our 3 Co-Chairs have been CEO of 22 companies and Founder of 18 companies.

How we are different:

All Group Leaders are Former CEOs and Serial Entrepreneurs
Our 4 Co-Chairmen (people who moderate the meetings) have founded and been CEO of a total of 29 companies (documented here: https://braintrustceo.com/ceo-conference-management-team/) where 90% of our competitor’s people who host meetings have never been a CEO. And we offer coaching on demand where our members have 24/7 direct telephone access to all of our Co-Chairs.
Remarkable ROI
We have dozens of members who have earned an average of $5 million dollars in incremental profit as a result of membership and access to Brain Trust Plus™. This is documented/substantiated through CEO video interviews here: https://braintrustceo.com/braintrust-testimonials/ and we give you access to CEO names and cell phone numbers where you can actually call members who have accomplished this. Why do these CEOs take unlimited calls to tell their story? … because their experience not only provided them incredible increases in operational excellence and profitability, but more importantly, it changed their lives in transformational ways (personal development) that affected not only themselves but their cherished relationships with their spouses and children.
Proprietary Member Knowledge Base
Proprietary Member Knowledge Base through the Brain Trust Member Portal™ which provides access to Videos of the best speakers, over 100 articles written specifically for CEOs and best practices for dozens of core competencies that great companies aspire to develop.
The Brain Trust CEO Manual™
Proprietary Brain Trust CEO Manual™ which is a compilation of the best of the best content from 22+ years of Brain Trust meetings, speakers and retreats … business wisdom shared by successful CEOs and their advisors.
Global On Demand Virtual Workforce Program
Proprietary Training Program for outsourcing work to the Global On Demand Virtual Workforce saving our members anywhere from $10,000 – $400,000 per year. This is documented/substantiated in the video you can see here: https://braintrustceo.com/ceo-organization/atlanta-ceo-group-emailsig.php PLUS the Brain Trust Outsourcing Guide™ which provides Brain Trust member vetted freelancers from all over the world that have proven themselves to produce A+ work.
Our CEOs save 20%+ of their time after joining TBT
Proprietary Program that will enable you to save 20%+ of your time and your management team’s time. This is documented in the CEO video testimonials here: https://braintrustceo.com/braintrust-testimonials/

The PROCESS of joining The Brain Trust is very simple:

  1. Phone Conversation with one of our Chairs (former CEOs who run the meetings).
  2. 90 minute Zoom or face to face meeting with the Chair:
    1. He will give you a short presentation about TBT Membership and the ways you receive value as a member.
    2. We will get to know each other.
    3. Get your questions answered.
    4. See detailed information about each of the members so that you would feel comfortable that you are rubbing shoulders with the right kind of people.
    5. Decide if there is a mutual fit. If that’s a yes, then an application is filled out, and you will be proposed to the membership as a new member.

To see short videos of members disclosing why they joined and the benefits they are receiving, please go to https://braintrustceo.com/ceo-organization-testimonials/.


atlanta ceo group

Tom Cramer

Mastermind Group for CEOs

The Brain Trust was founded by Tom Cramer, a CEO who wanted to provide transformational experiences for CEOs not only for their companies but also for their personal lives. Its purpose remains to provide its members time-tested and experience-driven CEO best practices and solutions.

For details on The Brain Trust Management Team, please go to https://braintrustceo.com/ceo-conference-management-team/

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