Return on Investment

The Brain Trust was founded 20 years ago, so we have 20 years of experience discovering the very best innovation protocols, creative thinking and problem-solving strategies AND strategic relationships to provide training for our members.


Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars (per year)

This Intellectual Property/Training provided by one of our strategic partners has our members saving $25,000 – $450,000 per year in overhead. Here’s the proof … one of our members writes about how he is saving $450,000 this year. The ROI on the cost of your membership with this one idea alone will be 2x – 40x:

Save Up to $450,000+ Per Year


Earn an extra 1-2 Million Dollars Per Year

This Transformational Experience/Training by provided by one of our strategic relationships has our members earning additional millions of dollars in net profits per year. Here’s the proof … 3 of our Brain Trust Members Have Increased Their Net Profits by a Combined $20 Million Dollars Over The Last 5 Years  … go here to watch and listen to the CEOs explain in their own words how they did it:

Earn Additional Millions of Dollars


Create the Future for Your Company

As the CEO, your job is to create the future for your business. If you’re standing still, you’re going to get left in the dust. More than anything else, this is a focus of our dialogue.  Our meetings are innovation pathways to the future. How would you like to create the company that would put your company out of business? Watch these testimonials, and you will see 8 CEOs who are doing precisely that.

Create The Future For Your Company


What’s an Idea Worth?

Tom told me that the meetings were idea factories … and he definitely delivered on that. We got one simple idea at a meeting, and within 90 days, we had the birth of a totally new startup business. After the test marketing for this business, we believe that the company  will throw off cash in excess of $5 million dollars per year within 5 years with the potential to be 5-10 times greater than that over time.Sam Fuchs, CEO, iCare Financial



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