Top 5 Business Tools for CEOs

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As the CEO, you’re often pulled in multiple directions throughout the workday. Learning to work smarter, not harder becomes a skill that you have to perfect over time. By leveraging technology tools to help you accomplish, even small tasks can be an effective way to free up time for more strategic efforts. With a new business tool coming on the market every week, staying up-to-date on which ones may work the best in helping you to achieve a higher level of productivity is a full-time job. To get you started, I have provided the top five productivity tools that you should be using every day to lighten your load and get more done, faster and for cheaper.

  1. Captio – When you’re on the go and want to capture an idea, send an email, or take notes after a client meeting having a pen and paper handy, and then keeping track of these written notes can be a challenge With this dictation app, you can easily record and store your thoughts in one location, for easy access later. Just open the app, speak into it and have your audio recordings transcribed in minutes to send to your team, email to a client, or read when you need.
  2. WinStreak – With so many things on your growing to-do list, staying focused and feeling accomplished is a feat. WinStreak is a free app and an excellent business tool to help you stay organized and build momentum every day. Simply add in your weekly or daily to-do’s or goals and have them all in one place for you to check off as you complete each. It can also be a highly effective team-building tool for your teams to use as a written record of all the things they have accomplished.
  3. Evernote – Do you have a central location for notes or a shared knowledge database for your company? If not, then you need to use Evernote. As a repository of all of your notes for you to access or for your team to create a shared learning network, you can store all of your best practices, procedures, protocols, even email scripts all in one place. You can categorize notes, tag them for others to review, and quickly search through them to find the exact information you need when you need it.
  4. Bomb Bomb – Sending videos couldn’t get any easier than this. With Bomb Bomb you can seamlessly record a quick video and integrate it into an email to send to your clients or your executive team. Whether you’re detailing the steps of an intricate task or wanting to add a personalized touch to a client email, Bomb Bomb is the perfect service. This program also enables you to track who opens the email, watches the video, clicks through to links, etc. Though this is a paid service, it is well worth it to boost client engagement.
  5. Snap – Networking events come with a flood of business cards. But, getting all of this information into your CRM or stored in an old-fashioned Rolodex takes time. With Snap, you can automatically scan any business card and have it immediately entered into your customer relationship management system. This way you can easily send follow-up emails to your new contacts without the headache of all the data entry.

This is a quick summary of my favorite business tools. What tools do you use that have helped you achieve a higher level of productivity? We’d love to compare notes. Send us a message through Facebook here.