Want to Excel in 2020? Focus on These 7 Topics

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As the leader of your organization staying on top of everything in and out of your role can be another full-time job. Finding the time to dedicate to focusing on important topics to improve workplace productivity, enhance employee relationships, and tap into innovation to drive your company forward is often a challenge. According to leading CEO peer groups, these are the top 7 topics every CEO should make an effort to reflect on at least once a week.

  1. Think about the future. With the business landscape changing so rapidly, it is important to stay on top of the current trends and try to anticipate future trends that your company can capitalize on. The most effective CEOs carve out time at least     quarterly to bring their executive teams together to brainstorm and share pertinent information about their industry or where future opportunities may lie.
  2. How can you disrupt your business? Many times CEOs and business owners, in general, don’t examine their own business models to pinpoint vulnerable areas or places where it could be made more efficient. If you adopt a cannibalistic mindset, in terms of how you can disrupt your own business model, you’ll be steps ahead of the competition and can prevent an “unexpected” takeover by another company.
  3. Look everywhere for inspiration. Limiting yourself to studying changing trends only in your industry or area can handicap you from seeing cutting-edge options in the world. Top CEO peer groups recommend looking at historical trends, global trends – expanding your perspective across all industries.
  4. Don’t forget to celebrate. With so much going on in your organization, taking time to celebrate even the small successes is great for company morale. Whether it is shedding light on a departmental achievement, or showcasing the work of a larger corporate initiative, the key is to use these successes to build momentum for the future.
  5. Dive into all of the problems. As the CEO, you are often very far removed from some problems within your organization. Asking employees to share their feedback, insights, and concerns on a regular basis will help you have a better understanding of the host of challenges your employees and company are facing and leave you more prepared to find solutions for them.
  6. Finding external connections.  Making time to build professional connections with other CEOs and CEO peer groups is an essential way to share knowledge and tap into amazing professional development opportunities. Whether it is joining The Brain Trust or building a network of seasoned CEOs in your area, having others to bounce ideas off of, be held accountable, and explore new opportunities is important.
  7. Put giving back up front. If your organization gives back to the community or encourages employees to be active in causes they support, find ways to share this within and outside of your organization. Making it a part of your corporate culture can be a helpful way to let your employees know that you support their interests and appreciate their efforts.

As you go about your week, I challenge you to try focusing a few minutes of your time on one or several of these topics. What other topics do you believe should be added on the list? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.