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More Independence, More Flexibility, Reach Your Financial Vision


The Brain Trust Co-Chairman (Chairwoman) …

  • Organizes and builds CEO Groups (markets and sells this to CEOs).
  • Presides over Brain Trust Meetings of its members.
  • Provides Braintrust Coaching on Demand™ to its members.
  • Becomes a CEO Coach

The Brain Trust is a rare, award-winning opportunity for former CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Top Business Leaders, and Business Consultants. As part of our highly selective process, we will review your qualifications and provide detailed answers to any and all questions you may have.

Become a leader of CEOs: Transitioning from Recognition to Impact

As a Brain Trust Co-Chairman, you will serve as an experienced and trusted mentor for CEOs, business owners, and senior executives in your community. Your expertise will assist them in navigating some of their largest business challenges, strategically priming them to attain a new level of success.

Our Chairs are a vetted and highly-experienced group of proven business leaders. Each Co-Chair  has achieved documented success in their extensive careers that enable them to be immediately valuable to those they mentor. In addition, all Co-Chairs have an innate desire to achieve to their highest potential and are committed to sharing that level of excellence with others.

The life of a Brain Trust Co-Chair is a once-in-a-career opportunity to create a lasting impact that can be felt throughout the C-Suite, the organization, and into the community.

What does a Brain Trust Co-Chair do?

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You will market and sell Brain Trust Membership to CEOs.

As a Chair, you facilitate a confidential peer group meeting(s) each month with 12-20 executives from non-competing industries. In these meetings, members discuss their largest challenges and opportunities as they receive candid feedback and advice from their fellow members who have experience related to the matter. To see more about the meeting experience, please go here:  and here:

In addition, you provide CEO Coaching on Demand over the telephone. Members call you when they need input or to run something by you. Those calls are usually from 10-20 minutes long. Sometimes a member needs help with a pressing issue that will take 1-2 hours to work through in which case you would schedule a time to do that. Any issues that come up that you need help with, you can schedule a conference call where Tom Cramer, the Founder of The Brain Trust, will participate in the phone call meeting with you and your member.

Operating a Brain Trust Group(s) is both a fulfilling and financially lucrative endeavor … on your own schedule.

The Opportunity and Benefits to you of a Brain Trust Practice


You can help transform today’s small and midsize businesses. You are given a proven model that has been business-tested and is known to work. Our CEO coach and peer group process has garnered us awards in our stellar 20+ year history.

You can achieve financial freedom and earn recurring revenue. Our members stay for an average of 4 years, and the earning potential for the Brian Trust CEO Chair is significantly into 6 digits (See FAQ)

Market Penetration in this niche is low. This market niche is fast growing and there is little penetration into the marketplace. In Atlanta alone, where penetration into the marketplace is higher than in most other markets, only 8% of the market is served. That means that 92% of the CEOs in Atlanta are not a member of a CEO Group.

You are selling something that most CEOs want: A very high % of CEOs desire to be in a CEO Peer Group. You could put 100 people in a room, and if you asked them if they would like to participate in a CEO Peer Group, about 75 of them would say yes! (if you read the rest of this web site and the testimonials, you’ll understand why). So, when you approach a CEO on the phone or in any other way, 3 out of 4 want to hear more. And if you get a face to face  appointment, the CEO will not waste your time or his time by looking at any other alternatives (no competition … if you generated the lead, it’s been our 20 year experience that the CEO will look at competition about 1 out of 50 times). And it’s a one call close … the choice 95% of the time is for the CEO to sign a contract on the spot, or to wait for when the timing is better. (See FAQ for how we deal with that).

Your time is your own. As an independent contractor, you work your own schedule. You can work part time (have one group) or full time (have 2-3 groups).

You will be in a very elite group of consultants. Each Co-Chair helps to guide results-driven CEOs to become better leaders, having greater impacts on their companies and their communities. By lending your business acumen to provide expert mentorship for CEOs to address some of the common struggles and complex challenges businesses face, you are enabling them to unlock a higher level of personal and professional performance.

Brain Trust Chairs become part of a very successful CEO Peer Group Organization

Our success can be best communicated by the voices of our members. Please see our Testimonials here: and here:


What about Support and Training?

There is a written training program called the The Brain Trust Operating System™. It’s a turn-key system, and you can see the details here:

You will be personally trained on the Operating System by Tom Cramer,
the Founder and Chairman of The Brain Trust.

CEO Coaching is done on the phone. You will also be shown how to do this by Tom. If you need help dealing with a particular issue of one of your Members, Tom is available to help or to jump on a conference call with you and your Member. Sometimes an issue requires a specialist because of its unique nature or it encompasses specialized knowledge that neither you nor Tom have (you are not expected to have the answer for everything). The Brain Trust has dozens of specialists that we can refer clients to for specialized solutions.


Two Programs for Additional Income:

  1. The Brain Trust Senior Executive’s Group

We have a Plan for you to be able to expand your practice to include a Senior Executive’s Brain Trust Group. To see details of that program, please go here:

  1. Brain Trust Plus™ – Building a Generative, Focus Driven Organization

All Brain Trust Members have the option for their company to participate in The Center for Inspired Performance (CIP) which has been working with corporate leaders for more than twenty years – helping them align their organizations around their highest leverage points and implementing growth strategies.

CIP’s unique experience as a research, design and consulting firm has been focused on understanding, at very deep levels, what it takes to accurately assess an organization, design its underlying structure and implement enterprise-wide change efforts.

For more information about this, please go here:

Over the last 10 years, we have had 25 of our members go through this program, and the AVERAGE net profit improvement from this program resulted in a $5,000,000 improvement over a 5-year period. Now this may seem too good to be true, so to see the proof, and TO LITERALLY SEE AND HEAR HOW THESE CEOS DID IT … IN THEIR OWN WORDS ON VIDEO, go to

We give out the cell phone numbers of all of these CEOs and invite anyone to call any one of them to hear their story in more detail. These CEOs have become disciples of the stunning life and business changing material they have integrated into their companies and their lives … and are eager to share their success with others.

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About You …

Can You Lead Leaders to Success?

  • Are you an experienced C-suite executive, business consultant or former business owner?
  • Do you enjoy the development of others?
  • Do you excel at building lasting and impactful relationships?
  • Have people told you that you motivate and inspire others?
  • Are you driven to continually learn and develop both personally and professionally?
  • Are you drawn to help others share their ideas and unlock their voice?
  • Do you have the ability to listen to and challenge seasoned business leaders?
  • Is networking and connecting with others one of your strengths?

Those characteristics are what we are looking for.


What is The Brain Trust?
The Brain Trust is a 20+ year old organization of CEOs, company presidents, general managers and business owners who come together, during a monthly half day meeting to provide insight and solutions to shared business hurdles. Once a month, our members can escape the isolation of being the top person at their company and share their problems, challenges and solutions confidentially with a group of chief executives….all with bright, experienced minds who are interested in helping each other learn and grow and make good decisions. Get honest, real world, battle scarred information. Avoid making mistakes others have made by exposing themselves to the priceless insight that only peers can offer one another. There are no new problems in business …. just your version of the same problem that one of us has already faced. Learn how others have coped with the stress of being a CEO and magically and positively transformed their companies and their lives.
Do you have evidence of success from your current and past members?
What does it cost for a member to join The Brain Trust?
Member companies pay an initiation fee and a monthly fee. This information will be disclosed to you at the next step of the process.
Is there an investment for this?
No. There is no investment. You will be an independent contractor. You will be responsible for your own expenses.
What is the compensation?
You will be paid a % of the revenue generated by the initiation fees and membership fees. While you are building your first group, there is no compensation because there is no revenue yet.

You can have a thriving, prestigious business working 20 hours per week (one group) earning $100,000 – $150,000 per year… and an even better business working 40 hours per week (two groups + a Senior Executive’s Group) earning $200,000 – $300,000 per year. Of course, income is not guaranteed and is directly related to your level of success.

The details of this information will be disclosed at the next step of the process.

What is the biggest objection that I will run into when selling membership in The Brain Trust:
The most often used objection to scheduling a meeting OR going forward right now (at the face to face meeting) is that many CEOs perceive that they are “too busy right now with critical issues”, and they don’t have the time to carve out a half day per month for the meeting. The problem with that objection is that, although they think things will get better, they almost never do. That’s because running a company is exceedingly difficult, and there will ALWAYS be critical issues that the CEO is covered up with. And if you let him or her to get away with that excuse, they will have the same excuse every time you follow up in the future … So it’s your job to show them enough benefit that they need to act now … one of our members put it best in his testimonial where he stated:

It was very hard for me to pull the trigger on committing the time to the Brain Trust Meetings. I’m extremely busy, as all CEO’s are. However, I am delighted that I have allocated the time and made the leap. I discovered that being covered up had a component of being so consumed with fighting the battles with bows and arrows, that I was too busy to learn how to use laser guided missiles. The Brain Trust is a laser guided missile development think tank … and I actually have more free time now than before because of learning how to minimize firefighting and operate the business more efficiently” (see second video testimonial here:

Can I work from home?
If I am a consultant now, can I continue to operate my consulting business and also become a Brain Trust Co-Chairman?
Yes, but you must have at-least 20 hours per week available to build and operate the business. It takes time to get your first group set up, and it takes time to maintain and operate the group. If you do not have at-least 20 hours per week to operate the Co-Chair position at The Brain Trust, then you are not qualified to be considered for this position.
If I am a consultant, can I sell Membership in The Brain Trust to my existing and past clients?
Who is this opportunity NOT for?
This is not for:

  1. People who do not have an aptitude and interest in marketing and selling. If you are selected as a Brain Trust Co-Chair, you will be an entrepreneur with a proven system of success. Entrepreneurs love marketing and selling, because if that did not happen, the business goes nowhere.
  2. People who have not shown significant success in their career. If you have not had significant success in your career, you will not qualify to be chosen as a Co-Chair.
  3. People who require current income while you build out your first CEO Group. This opportunity is straight commission.
  4. People who give up if they run into adversity. Anything worthwhile takes hard work and overcoming adversity. If you agree with that statement, you might be qualified to be chosen as a Brain Trust Co-Chair.
  5. Forgive us for this very blunt statement, but it comes with 20 years of experience with successful entrepreneurs … This is not for you if you do not take complete responsibility for everything in your life. Winners take responsibility, losers see themselves as victims. Seeing this to be true is essential to both being a good entrepreneur yourself and being a good coach to entrepreneurs/CEOs.
Do I have to do back office support such as billing and collections?
No. The Brain Trust performs this function.

To see if I qualify, and to learn more about becoming a Brain Trust Co-Chair, please complete this short form.

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