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Avoid These 3 Productivity Drainers in 2020

When it comes to working efficiently, CEOs have to be master multi-taskers to get everything done. With so much on your daily to-do list, eliminating time drainers becomes an important part of how you operate. Although some time-consuming tasks cannot be avoided, being mindful of how you tackle certain tasks can be essential in helping you increase your productivity in the office. According to leading CEO consultants and peer groups, these are the top three productivity obstacles CEOs face. #1 – Checking Emails At the Beginning of Your Day. Email communication has revolutionized how we …

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Want to Excel in 2020? Focus on These 7 Topics

As the leader of your organization staying on top of everything in and out of your role can be another full-time job. Finding the time to dedicate to focusing on important topics to improve workplace productivity, enhance employee relationships, and tap into innovation to drive your company forward is often a challenge. According to leading CEO peer groups, these are the top 7 topics every CEO should make an effort to reflect on at least once a week.

  1. Think about the future. With the business landscape changing so rapidly, it is important to stay …

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Top 3 Steps to Create an Environment of Accountability

  In business, it is not what you know that propels you forward, but instead how you execute. And, as the CEO, if you are not generating the results you want, then it is time to put measures in place to make sure your teams are performing at their best. When you have a clear understanding of the roles within your organization as well as what layers of accountability you can build in, this enables you to pinpoint where teams, departments, or individual employees may be falling short. According to experienced CEO …

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