Top 3 Reasons Why Information Sharing Is Essential for the 21st Century CEO

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In today’s highly fragmented business landscape, staying ahead of the competition has become harder. Leading CEOs are using innovative techniques to tap into more information, craft proven solutions, and leverage resources around them to carve out unshakable advantages. One such resource that is a must for the 21st-century CEO is becoming a member of a CEO peer group. Here are the top three reasons why CEO advisors and CEO coaches highly recommend information sharing as being part of every CEOs business strategy.

#1 – The amount of new information to decipher can be overwhelming. Staying abreast of the emerging trends in your industry and in business, in general, can be a full-time job. New business tools and resources hit the market every week and trying to keep track of which ones may help you enhance your productivity and enhance your company’s initiatives forward is often not high on your priority list. By being part of a CEO peer group or participating in CEO coaching programs, you are able to hear from peers what tools they’re using, what has worked and being able to better navigate the new information available to you. Sharing your challenges with a seasoned group of CEOs can also be an effective way to get more different insight and proven recommendations for possible solutions without having to sink hours into research and/or trial and error testing your way through them.

#2 – Eliminate unnecessary redundancies or mistakes. In business, the faster you can get to a winning solution, the quicker your business can grow and profit from leveraging new tools and resources. Meeting with a CEO peer group on a monthly basis can be an efficient way to hear how other executives are approaching common industry or business problems and what “lessons learned” they’ve garnered from their experiences. This way you can have a better understanding of what solutions may or may not work for your unique business challenges before having to run into avoidable pitfalls.

#3 – Create more precise and vetted strategies. When it comes to crafting business strategies and identifying innovative business approaches, the more ideas you can explore, the better. Working with an experienced CEO peer group or with a reputable CEO advisor gives you the advantage of being able to share ideas and have some of the brightest minds analyze and enhance their viability. This way you are able to instantly leverage decades of experience and engineer business solutions that have a much higher likelihood of working, the first time around. Having the ability to get the expert guidance you need in one place, without having to invest company resources, time and money is an invaluable benefit of being part of a CEO peer group.

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