Who’s in the Cockpit?

Part One In just over a century the field of aviation has evolved from near-reckless adventurers flying rickety single-seat planes by “the seat of their pants” to incredibly sophisticated behemoths flown by professional crews following rigorous procedures. This evolution has made flying one of the safest modes of transportation in history. Likewise, in just over a century the world of business has morphed from small businesses run by entrepreneurial individuals seeking to eke out a profit in their own little niches. Today we see the mega-corporations managed by professionally trained executives following disciplines that utilize …

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Incorporating the Porter Five Model in Your Business Planning

By: Tom Cramer
  For our third discussion on the topic of competition, we will turn to a relatively modern construct. The Porter Five Forces Framework was first published by Michael Porter in the Harvard Business Review in 1979. It has since gained the position of one of the most respected methods for evaluating the operating and competitive environment for many companies at the industry level.  While it has its later detractors and amplifiers, as with any business concept, it is most useful for what Porter calls the line-of-business level of operations. …

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The Emerging Role of the CEO Activist

In today’s interconnected society, moving the needle and extending your influence can be done with even just a social media post. As the leader of your organization, you have the potential to act as an “influencer” in your industry. Although there is an extensive history of corporations shaping policy and the course of history, the role of the CEO activist is fairly new. According to a recent Harvard study, more than 65% of those surveyed said they want their CEOs to take an …

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Top 3 Ways CEO Can Outpace The Competition in 2019

With such a competitive business landscape, generating ways that you can use to leverage your resources and stay miles ahead of your competitors can be challenging. As the new year quickly approaches, now is the time to begin reflecting on what worked and did not work in 2018. According to leading CEO peer groups and CEO development consultants, these are the top 3 things you should be looking to do starting January 1st to put some distance between you and the competition throughout 2019.

  1. Narrow Your Focus. Often business leaders strive to accomplish …

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Top 3 Reasons Why Information Sharing Is Essential for the 21st Century CEO

In today’s highly fragmented business landscape, staying ahead of the competition has become harder. Leading CEOs are using innovative techniques to tap into more information, craft proven solutions, and leverage resources around them to carve out unshakable advantages. One such resource that is a must for the 21st-century CEO is becoming a member of a CEO peer group. Here are the top three reasons why CEO advisors and CEO coaches highly recommend information sharing as being part of every CEOs business strategy. #1 – The amount of new information to decipher can be overwhelming. …

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