Letter from Sam Fuchs, Co-founder and CEO iCare Financial

posted by Administrator on 01/17/2018 in Outcomes
As I reflect on my first year of membership in The Brain Trust (TBT), the ROI has been remarkable. Most recently, one of the speakers at a meeting presented a workshop the content of which is enabling my company to save over $400,000 in payroll/benefits this year … and that’s over $4 million dollars in incremental bottom line over the next 10 years. We’re doing that by:

  1. Replacing 10 of our 40 people on our payroll with 10 freelancers located in 4 different countries for ten cents on the dollar … and the quality of the work is better and faster because we’re able to engage people who are specialists and experts in their field. Anyone can take this idea and run with it, but the key to what we are doing are the turnkey systems and coaching we are getting to implement it. Without that, we’d be saving a MUCH smaller amount because we would be forced to figure everything out by ourselves, and that’s not our expertise … and
  2. Developing and implementing marketing material and systems (again … at ten cents on the dollar) that is adding revenue to our top line. We launched a new business with $3,100 in Marketing dollars (using this concept) vs. $28,500 being quoted by others. Plus … these new revenue initiatives could have another 6 digit annual impact to our bottom line.

So this concept saves money to reduce expenses and adds revenue to the top line … Quite frankly, I’m getting more ideas from the Brain Trust meetings than I can implement, so I concentrate on executing at-least one idea per meeting, and the results have been wonderful. When I joined TBT, Tom told me that the meetings were idea factories … and he definitely delivered on that.

Membership in TBT also enables me to be able to spend quality time with CEO leaders in the local area across several different industries. We share ideas, discuss how specific issues are solved and have brainstorming sessions for the benefit of each other that often results in amazing and inventive ideas.

Thank you, Tom for being a great leader. I can see that you spend countless hours organizing the meetings, bringing in thoughtful speakers and finding great new members to add to the team. I also appreciate how you challenge us at each meeting to help us improve our individual operations.

Sam Fuchs, Co-founder and CEO
iCare Financial



This Intellectual Property (ideas, turn-key systems, processes, knowledge, data, solutions and knowhow) works for any company and any size company. It is likely you could experience an annual 5-6 digit benefit yourself, and if we mutually agree to go forward together regarding a membership for you, The Brain Trust will provide you access to this IP … and the cost for the workshop to be exposed to all of this is included in your TBT Membership.

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