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BrainTrust Plus™

(Optional Program for Brain Trust Members to Perfect Their Company)

See How 3 of our Brain Trust Members Have Increased Their Net Profits by a Combined $20 Million Dollars Over The Last 5 Years …

… without even counting profits from increased sales.

The CEO testimonials below are CEOs saying in their own words how The BrainTrust Plus/CEO Alliance has provided them with transformational strategies and restructuring processes, systems and innovation that have transformed their companies from below average performance to Best In Class … with actual results of a combined $20 million dollar improvement in profit over a 5 year period for 3 of our members.

For example, the typical impact of this work on a $20 million dollar company is to increase their net profit by an average of $2 million dollars per year (not counting any increase in sales) … and the outcome can be sometimes double or even triple that if the CEO executes on growth that becomes possible because the company can now scale without the wheels falling off.

Watch and Listen to their amazing stories of how they:

  • Stopped the bleeding
  • Stopped the turnover
  • Restored the spirit
  • Resurrected the business model
  • Discovered new business models
  • Transformed their culture
  • Increased profits by 2x – 25x
  • Inspired the people
  • Put in processes, systems and structure
  • Increased scale without growth issues
  • Aligned around leverage points
  • Implemented new innovation strategies
  • Reduced stress and recaptured their lives
  • Increased their company value by 2x – 10x
… and how they became “the company that would put their company out of business.”

“More than ten years ago we took our entire company to the mountains with Bill after I attended his Executive Briefing. Our results are spectacular and our momentum is continuing to accelerate. We grew our gross sales by 33%, reduced expenses, transformed our way of doing business, gained competitive advantage while competitors were moving towards insolvency and the industry was off 70%. We achieved this without adding headcount or new sales people. It was all through innovation, game changing strategies, personal leadership and the inspired performance of our people.”

Tony Merendino, CEO of Serv IT

“I was at a point where I didn’t know where to turn. Through the past year we have been able to focus on productive work rather than vicious circles. It didn’t seem like it was even possible at that point in my life to stop and focus on what is important. It changed the whole personality and culture of our company. We went from a $500,000.00 loss last year to a $1.4 million profit so far this year and that’s a huge turn around and also, our quality increased.”

Daren Hoeffner, CEO of Cornerstone Control Systems

“…We had to address our way of thinking about everything. That included who we thought we were as leaders and executives, what business we were actually in, what we had to do to position ourselves competitively and how to execute our growth strategy. It was humbling to go through, but it paid off in huge dividends for our investors, shareholders and indeed myself.… The payday for us was substantial …we sold for $300,000,000.00 (for all cash)”.

Arol Wolford, former Chairman and CEO, The CMD Group

“I met Bill through his book, ‘The Generative Organization’, and realized that everything he had written about in the book described our company. When we took our company to the mountains in North Georgia with the CEO Alliance, we were heading for the busiest time of our year and were worried that we would not be prepared. We ended up having the most successful ramp up ever and we took a large account that was previously at 15% margin and ended up with a 35% margin. We had a record $10 million month and a record EBITDA. Our return on investment is at least 20 times and, when you consider all of the seen and unseen positive multipliers, our return on investment was probably 1,000 times.”

Rick Hall, President of The Beam Team

For more information about BrainTrust Plus:
Please email Tom Cramer at or
call him at 678-770-0074.

“Through working with Bill and the CEO Alliance, we now understand that ‘problems’ in our business are really not the problems. We have learned that the design is the problem. We now understand how to create a generative structure in every aspect of our business which positively influences performance, profitability, client relationships, operations, analytics and every area of our company. As a result, not only have I personally grown and developed as a CEO, our entire team has been able to become more productive with better results. In addition to all those benefits, people have learned how to manage themselves and, as a result of working with the CEO Alliance, my company is totally transformed.”

Ken Robbins, Founder and CEO of Response Mine Interactive

“I’ve sought out mentors as we have grown the company and that has led me to the CEO Alliance. In just a matter of weeks after attending my first quarterly retreat, our company has created, written and implemented an entirely new training program for every area of the company. We have learned how to push beyond a predetermined ceiling and maximize our productive capacity beyond self and company limiting beliefs. We realized that we have created crisis in our company and now understand how to eliminate the source of the problems through using leverage points and systems thinking.”

Wesley Lovvorn, CEO of Lovvorn Construction

“Through Bill and the CEO Alliance, I was able to learn a new way of viewing things in by business. This allowed us to identify leverage points and lay out the pieces to find out what everyone within the company needed and what our customers needed for smooth running projects. Using the principles of the CEO Alliance, my team and I can now see things in our company that we were not able to see before. It has created explosions of ideas that have transformed the company.”

Mike Colcombe, Owner/CEO of Five Star Building Solutions

“Bill and the CEO Alliance helped us to look at the methods, principles and structure of our business. By doing a deep dive into our business, we have been able to increase our sales and margins by 25%. Bill is a change agent and he pushes you but he does it in a way that is very effective because he knows what buttons to push with specific people. Getting away to the mountains at the retreat center allows you to focus on the business and come back with a realistic plan of action that will allow your team to focus. This leads to getting the kind of results you want to achieve with a level of accountability that takes you to the next level in how you think and lead.”

Robert Bairstow, President of Bairstow Lifting Products

For more information about BrainTrust Plus:
Please email Tom Cramer at or
call him at 678-770-0074.