The Power of Reflection for Today’s CEO

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With the fast-moving nature of business, taking time out to reflect has become an obsolete practice, especially for C-suite executives. However, as the strategic leader of an organization, it is key for CEOs to invest in their own professional development and create strategies that enable them to think with clarity and act with purpose. According to leading CEO peer development consultants and CEO coaches, building in reflection time during the week can be one of the most effective ways to help CEOs regain balance, relieve stress, and tap into higher levels of innovation. Here are the three steps you should take to make reflection an important part of your weekly schedule.

Schedule It. What doesn’t get scheduled, doesn’t get done. Whether you set aside 20 minutes every other day, or a full hour once a week, you want to be intentional in planning time for you to sit and reflect. Be sure it is during a time where you can sit quietly and uninterrupted. This is your time to reflect on your goals, the outcomes of your projects, even the strategic direction of your company. You want to be able to let your mind explore the possibilities and capture these thoughts and ideas by writing them down. 

Have a Reflection Partner. Reflection doesn’t have to be done alone, you can invite other members of your executive team to join you. As a small group, you can review and discuss your company’s progress, review what’s working (or not), and explore new ideas that you may have. You may find that by having others to bounce your ideas off of, you are able to gain a new level of understanding. To maximize the benefit of a small group reflection, it does help for everyone to take time individually to reflect before convening as a group. This will enable everyone to gain their own individual clarity and ideas first and will ensure the group reflection time is targeted and focused on results.

Find an Accountability Team. Spending time reflecting and brainstorming is great, but you also want to turn your thoughts into action. Having an accountability partner, such as a CEO peer group can be a great way to vet your ideas and get actionable guidance to propel your company forward. Reputable CEO peer groups, made up of experienced CEOs, often meet once a month and provide specific support and training to help you craft winning business strategies. In addition, with a group of seasoned business leaders around you, you will be able to hear their ideas, challenges, and reflections which can often help you through your leadership journey as well.

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