CEO Meeting Agenda

Monthly CEO meetings are scheduled in the afternoon so that you can get a half day in at the office first.  The meeting is run by the Chairperson, Tom Cramer. Tom’s 36 year career has included founding and presiding as CEO of six corporations.

  • We meet the same Thursday of every month from 12:00 – 6:00 P.M
  • Our meeting location is The Georgian Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Monthly CEO Meeting Itinerary:

Guest Speaker
Great CEO’s know that they need to learn and grow. The rapidly changing business environment we operate in today mandates that chief executives stay abreast of new developments, information and knowledge. At each Atlanta Area meeting, you will benefit from the knowledge of speakers who are leading consultants and or authors in their fields of specialization. 

<b>Member Focus</b>
One member gives a presentation to the CEO group for peer review. This might be a marketing plan, a business plan, a new product launch or any other topic that a member wishes to have reviewed by Brain Trust members. Although the main benefactor of this portion of the meeting is the presenter, you will also benefit by applying the advice given to your business.
Roundtable Discussion
Each member is given the opportunity to throw out an issue for discussion and brain storming. Members can question each other on any topic: financing, competitive positioning, strategic planning, personnel moves, sales and marketing plans, coping with an uncooperative partner, motivating and rewarding key staff, balancing business versus personal issues, etc. Any new idea can be tested and the risk appraised by our CEO Peer Group. It’s really exciting what can happen when a group of sharp minds are focused on a particular problem or opportunity. You will take back to your company every month ideas and solutions from this very provocative session.

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