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Who’s in the Cockpit? (Part 3)

By: Tom Cramer
  In our earlier discussions concerning the modern C-Suite, we discussed in Part One the evolution of the leadership roles of senior corporate executives. We looked at several of the key functional areas of leadership in Part Two. Adapting Your C-Suite to Reality We fully understand that many of you read those articles shaking your heads a bit, thinking how wonderful it would be to have a full team of professionals helping you fly your plane. It is a simple fact that for smaller and middle-sized businesses, the senior leadership is often …

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Who’s in the Cockpit? (Part Two)

By Tom Cramer
  As we discussed in Part One of this series, the role of and the makeup of the C-Suite is constantly evolving. The basic needs of leadership and technical specialties and skills are increasingly essential to survival and success. However, the ability to respond to a changing business and work environment is more vital than ever. One empirical proof of this aspect of the change in the C-Suite is the job descriptions provided to executive search firms for various C-level executives. The experience and skills are still listed. Increasingly, those will be almost …

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Who’s in the Cockpit?

Part One In just over a century the field of aviation has evolved from near-reckless adventurers flying rickety single-seat planes by “the seat of their pants” to incredibly sophisticated behemoths flown by professional crews following rigorous procedures. This evolution has made flying one of the safest modes of transportation in history. Likewise, in just over a century the world of business has morphed from small businesses run by entrepreneurial individuals seeking to eke out a profit in their own little niches. Today we see the mega-corporations managed by professionally trained executives following disciplines that utilize …

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