Leadership Development

As a CEO, What Am I not Doing That I Should Be Doing?

By: Tom Cramer
  As a CEO, there are several areas you might want to consider focusing on to enhance your effectiveness and ensure the success of your organization. Here are some aspects you should consider: 1. Strategic Planning: Take the time to develop a clear vision and long-term strategy for your company. Set specific goals and objectives, and regularly review and adjust them as needed. Make sure your strategy aligns with the evolving market conditions and incorporates innovative approaches. 2. Leadership Development: Invest in developing your leadership skills and those of your management team. Foster a …

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Top 3 Things to Prevent Putting Your Business At Risk

The past 18 months have been tumultuous to say the least. The level of business exposure and risk that companies have experienced as the world rebounds from the most significant global event in our generation has put many companies out of business. However, those CEOs and companies that embodied the old adage, “no reward without risk” were able to not just mitigate their losses but put their companies on a whole new growth trajectory. As the CEO of your organization, your team members, employees, and other key stakeholders are reliant on …

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Top 3 Soft Skills Every CEO Must Have

The role of the CEO was once thought of as a type of dictatorship, where the CEO made the strategic decisions and they were then executed by the employees. However, with the fast-changing nature of business today, CEOs must take on a  much more collaborative approach. To succeed in this new capacity, as the servant leader, CEOs must invest in developing key interpersonal skills. It is these “soft skills” that can enable CEOs to effectively lead their organizations and motivate their employees to want to fulfill the …

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