Employee Engagement

How to Build a Powerful Employee Engagement Program This Year

The emerging role of the CEO will need to now include connecting with employees to set the tone and temperature of your company culture. That’s because according to a Gallup poll, spanning 142 countries with 180 million participants, HR professionals found that only 13% of employees actually feel engaged in their work. And, the culprit: very little to now interaction with upper management or executive teams. Without a clear line of communication, many times employees feel replaceable or struggle to understand the impact their work has on the larger organization. Read more

The Power of Lunch with the CEO

Engaging your employees, especially as part of the executive team can be challenging. Traditionally speaking, most organizational hierarchies tend to separate, by design, the most senior executives from lower level employees. However, recent research is pointing to the need for CEOs to be more hands-on with all employees to increase workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. And, having regular lunch sessions that enable the CEO to interact with all employees to share their strategic vision and allow employees to contribute their ideas can be a beneficial way to breakdown the traditional hierarchy …

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The Emerging Role of the CEO Activist

In today’s interconnected society, moving the needle and extending your influence can be done with even just a social media post. As the leader of your organization, you have the potential to act as an “influencer” in your industry. Although there is an extensive history of corporations shaping policy and the course of history, the role of the CEO activist is fairly new. According to a recent Harvard study, more than 65% of those surveyed said they want their CEOs to take an …

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Top 3 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Attracting and retaining top talent has become an increasing challenge for even the most seasoned CEO. With employees valuing intangible benefits like workplace culture, learning opportunities, and corporate sustainability when considering a new position, the landscape of how to retain employees is changing. According to the top CEO professional development coaches and CEO peer consultants, here are the top three reasons why your employees may be looking to quit.

  1. Poor leadership from the top. Employees want managers who are effective communicators and leaders. Bad managerial habits like being a micromanager or being “too …

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Top 5 Ways CEO’s Can Increase Their Visibility in 2019

As the CEO you fulfill a strategic role, responsible for shaping the success and trajectory of your organization. However, employee engagement research points to the role that CEO visibility can have on the productivity of executive teams and employees throughout all levels of the company. In a Gallup poll, researchers found that when CEOs interacted with managers, on a frequent basis, managers were 39% more engaged in the workplace. Likewise, when highly-engaged managers interacted with their direct reports, frontline employees were found to be 59% more engaged in their work. This goes to …

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3 Easy Ways CEOs Can Build Employee Engagement

When it comes to connecting with employees, many executive leaders leave that task to HR or department managers. However, recent research points to a growing lack of employee engagement and the importance of CEOs taking a more proactive approach to addressing it in their organizations. According to a Gallup poll, spanning 142 countries with 180 million participants, HR professionals found that only 13% of employees feel engaged in their work. So, what can CEOs do to turn the trend and re-engage their workforce? HR managers and CEO development consultants highly recommend for CEOs to reconnect …

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