creative destruction

Incorporating the Porter Five Model in Your Business Planning

By: Tom Cramer
  For our third discussion on the topic of competition, we will turn to a relatively modern construct. The Porter Five Forces Framework was first published by Michael Porter in the Harvard Business Review in 1979. It has since gained the position of one of the most respected methods for evaluating the operating and competitive environment for many companies at the industry level.  While it has its later detractors and amplifiers, as with any business concept, it is most useful for what Porter calls the line-of-business level of operations. …

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Who Is Your Competition?

By Tom Cramer
  Ask any experienced investor or any venture capitalist. The fastest way for a founder to lose their interest – and their investment – is to state they have no competition. In fact, anyone foolish enough to have such an attitude does not deserve their interest. Competition is a fact of life, and arrogance does not eliminate it. It simply makes it more deadly. Thus, this month’s focus is on your efforts to understand your own competitive environment. In our accompanying articles we first look at the process of …

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