Company Culture

A Fresh Look at Cybersecurity: Zero Trust

By Tom Cramer

One of the greatest dangers of business risks is becoming numb to them, allowing them to become a “new normal”. For the past decade, a continual stream of warnings about cyber threats and cybersecurity has created such a state for many business owners. There is almost a fatalistic attitude that develops. It’s “I’ve taken all the reasonable steps; I don’t know what else to do.”

Increasing in Frequency and in Damage Unfortunately, that is increasingly a dangerous attitude to take in the face of this growing problem. According to a recent …

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Developing a Great Culture Inside Your Company

MANY management consultants are now saying that Culture trumps everything! That this is the most important thing to get right for maximum success. I suggest you read the book, "The Advantage" by Patrick Lencioni and see if this is the kind of culture you want. Every CEO I have shown this to wants this culture. This is a turn-key system to develop a best in class culture! Go here to learn more: Go here: … to watch short videos (about "The Advantage") with your …

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