The Top 3 Leadership Traits for 2020

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As 2020 quickly approaches, the wave of business change is not expected to slow down. For CEOs looking to carve out a competitive advantage in their industry, finding ways to improve how they lead and inspire their teams will be key. And, when it comes to taking your leadership skills to the next level, here are the top three traits CEO professional development coaches and consultants believe will be must-haves in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Be humble and consistent. Many times, as the CEO, you may understand what your company’s guiding principles and mission are, but they are not represented in how you lead. It is important to embody your company’s culture, even in how you communicate or delegate tasks. This is where being consistent and clear on your expectations are important. Invite your employees to provide you with constructive feedback to help you improve your leadership skills. Remaining humble and with an open mind to always learn and evolve can help you avoid stagnation in your company and within your industry.
  2. Be committed to taking the right action. In our results-driven world, knowing what action to take and when can often influence how fast (or slow) your bottom line grows. However, you want to always be sure that any major business decisions you make are both in line with your company’s mission and designed to help propel your strategic initiatives forward. As more CEOs are taking public stances on social issues, knowing what is right for your business, regardless of the profit potential will be a much-needed leadership skill to attract and retain customers.
  3. Be focused on 360-degree thinking. The days of slow business growth are over. In order to stay relevant within your industry, you will have to be intellectually versatile and make learning a top priority. Leading CEOs understand this fact well and approach almost every aspect of their business by considering all of the possible facets that can influence their business success. This includes being open to incorporated more technology to improve business efficiencies and to better serve their clients. When you are able to use a 360-degree view and take the time to understand all of the factors at play both within and outside of your business, then you are always well-positioned to cash in on new trends and opportunities. 

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