Why a Personal Assistant is Good For Your Health

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Avoiding burnout is a major concern for even the most experienced CEO. Whether it is making time to maintain a healthy work-life balance, adding in more time for recreational activities, or even reducing your work schedule are all helpful ways to manage your mental health. However, researchers are pointing to the use of personal assistants as another layer to ensure you are getting the help you need to stay fresh and energized at work.

In a recent survey, nearly 75% of all executives stated that having a personal assistant alleviated measurable stress and helped to improve their mental well-being. And, as 60% of executives feel like they cannot open up about their feelings of depression or anxiety, hiring a personal assistant can be a possible solution.

Despite the health benefits that having assistance can mean for C-suite leaders, most CEOs are going at it alone with minimal help. In fact, nearly 1 out of every 4 CEOs asked said their company did not have enough personal assistants readily available to meet the demand. And, over 30% of CEOs acknowledged that by even having a part-time assistant could help boost their productivity, reduce workplace stress, and help them stay more organized.

As the rates of mental stress and anxiety disorders increases among high profile positions, it becomes important for CEOs, of all experience levels, to find ways to better manage their mental health. Where hired help may not be available, seeking out interns or work-study students can be a way to defray the cost of adding an additional employee, while also enabling CEOs to tap into the health benefits of having consistent help.

Another low-cost approach can be to explore outsourced options. American companies have had success with hiring virtual assistants to provide administrative duties to include scheduling, creating travel arrangements, setting up meetings, even email and social media management. In this regard, the cost to the company is kept low and the CEO is able to reap the mental health benefits of having a dedicated and accessible assistant.

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