Why Joining a CEO Peer Group Is Your Competitive Advantage

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With a highly-competitive business landscape, finding innovative ways that will instantly set you apart as both a seasoned executive leader, but also as an industry expert can be hard to come by. And, with a wide variety of professional development options at your disposal,  joining an award-winning CEO peer group is your secret weapon in 2020 and beyond. Because according to CEO network experts, there are five key ways that a CEO advisory club can propel you to outpace your competition.

  1. Give you new perspectives. CEO peer groups are made up of a diverse set of business professionals. From veteran CEOs, to newly appointed executive leaders, you’ll get a wide variety of perspectives, opinions, and ideas to help you reshape how you approach problems and generate solutions. You’ll get the unique opportunity to gain in-depth insight into common business challenges, share best practices, and leverage the expertise of the group to craft winning strategies.
  2. Get you connected with industry leaders. As the leader of your organization, your primary role is to execute, leaving very few opportunities for you to learn. Just as training and professional development are important for lower-level staff, you too as the CEO should invest in your own personal and leadership growth. An established CEO advisory group offers this in many ways, including having guest speakers, training workshops, and providing supplemental learning material for you to explore in between meetings. The feedback you receive, as part of a CEO club, enables you to gain the confidence and information you need to move beyond just executing, but into becoming an effective leader.
  3. Access to proven business insights. How often are you able to get business-tested advice that you can immediately implement? If you’re like most CEO’s this does not occur often. Within a CEO peer group, information and idea sharing are the core of what they do. You’ll be able to leverage the expertise of leading CEOs from a host of industries to get the right and actionable guidance you need to have a positive impact on your organization.
  4. Helps you get focused on results. The success of any reputable CEO advisory group is rooted in the results they are able to generate for their members. Because of this the resources and learning programs used are often cutting-edge and designed specifically to help you overcome business challenges and get the results you are looking for. By having consistent access to CEO coaching, you’ll have the winning edge on your competition to know exactly how to craft strategies that will work and how to execute them with precision.
  5. Keeps you on top of the latest market trends. As the CEO, finding time to do market and industry research to stay on top of current trends is hard to come by. As an active member of a CEO development program, your monthly sessions will often be structured around providing you with the latest business information you need to stay relevant in the industry and to continue to grow your organization. Many CEO peer groups offer a host of guest speakers, presentations, and targeted learning sessions to help you strengthen almost every area of your business acumen.

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