Work-Life Balance

Is Leisure a Time Management Strategy?

Contrary to popular belief, leaders that build in recreational time throughout the week to do things they love and enjoy are actually more productive than those that do not. Many studies point to the fact that leaders who are able to create work-life balance generally show up in the office more motivated, more inspired, and more focused to get work done. Not to mention the mental health benefits of being able to take time out for yourself, which will create more resilient leaders that are not stressed and overwhelmed. Despite …

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4 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

With Covid-19 concerns making daily headlines, CEOs are finding themselves faced with determining how to keep their employees safe as well as productive. That’s why many companies are now offering employees the option to work remotely or to do a hybrid/flexible option, during the pandemic. But the challenge arises for many leaders, how do you inspire and connect with your teams in a remote environment? When it comes to this ‘new normal’ here are four strategies that CEO Mastermind groups highly recommend using:

  1. Set …

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Self-Care and Leadership: Are You Balanced?

As the leader of your organization, having the right work-life balance is key in enabling you to perform at your best. How you manage your time and your stress levels will play a role in how productive you can be as the CEO and how well you will feel in all aspects of your life. When you are overworking, not physically caring for your body, and otherwise ignoring critical clues that may indicate that you are not in balance, you run the risk of burning out and losing important momentum you need to …

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