A Fresh Look at Cybersecurity: Zero Trust

By Tom Cramer

One of the greatest dangers of business risks is becoming numb to them, allowing them to become a “new normal”. For the past decade, a continual stream of warnings about cyber threats and cybersecurity has created such a state for many business owners. There is almost a fatalistic attitude that develops. It’s “I’ve taken all the reasonable steps; I don’t know what else to do.”

Increasing in Frequency and in Damage Unfortunately, that is increasingly a dangerous attitude to take in the face of this growing problem. According to a recent …

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Are CEO’s Really Getting the Executive Support They Need?

With today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, staying on top of emerging trends, crafting winning business strategies, and having a supportive network of leaders to tap are critical components of being a successful CEO. Yet, as the leader of your organization, the responsibility of managing business strategy, growing your executive team, and achieving larger scale business goals rests squaring on your shoulders. Historically, CEO’s were thought of as specialists who had specific expertise and could propel their company in one particular direction. For example, Disney has been traditionally known for making movies and Apple for …

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