Is Leisure a Time Management Strategy?

Contrary to popular belief, leaders that build in recreational time throughout the week to do things they love and enjoy are actually more productive than those that do not. Many studies point to the fact that leaders who are able to create work-life balance generally show up in the office more motivated, more inspired, and more focused to get work done. Not to mention the mental health benefits of being able to take time out for yourself, which will create more resilient leaders that are not stressed and overwhelmed. Despite …

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Why Leisure Activities Can Make You a Better Leader

I’m sure you have heard of the adage, “Work hard, play harder.” And, in business, recent research may suggest that this is the key to becoming a better leader. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, CEOs that were amateur pilots tended to run more innovative companies. In an October 2018, study researchers surveyed the CEOs at Fortune 500 companies to explore their hobbies and learn how they may impact their ability to lead their respective organizations. Here are the top 3 findings that can be applied to your leadership skills through …

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