Are Your Employees a Liability or an Asset?

  When it comes to structuring your business for future success, how you define the roles within your organization will be key. Some CEO professional development consultants argue that your employees can serve to be your company’s greatest liability if you do not invest the time to determine your company’ trajectory and plan your recruitment, hiring, and training accordingly. Here are a few proven ways to ensure your company is primed for future success and you can effectively leverage your employees to be your company’s greatest asset. #1 – Define the present and …

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3 Easy Ways CEOs Can Build Employee Engagement

When it comes to connecting with employees, many executive leaders leave that task to HR or department managers. However, recent research points to a growing lack of employee engagement and the importance of CEOs taking a more proactive approach to addressing it in their organizations. According to a Gallup poll, spanning 142 countries with 180 million participants, HR professionals found that only 13% of employees feel engaged in their work. So, what can CEOs do to turn the trend and re-engage their workforce? HR managers and CEO development consultants highly recommend for CEOs to reconnect …

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