Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People

By: Tom Cramer
  In an earlier discussion, we touched on the fact that, as a CEO, you will be faced with many tests of your leadership skills. One of those is Understanding the Challenges of Difficult People. Unfortunately, grasping the reality of difficult people being a fact of life is only the first part of that test. Choosing Your Course of Action Once you have objectively identified and evaluated the existence of a difficult individual in your business ecosystem, you face an additional assessment. It is generally …

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Understanding The Challenges of Difficult People

By Tom Cramer
  You are the CEO. It is only when you carry that title that you can understand the almost overwhelming expectations and challenges that come with the role of Chief Executive Officer. From dealing with competitors to balancing financial metrics to seeking the crystal ball for market ups and downs, each day brings additional unknowns to add to the complexities of your job. It Starts and Ends with People However, the single biggest aspect of your job is leadership. It is your responsibility to find, recruit, develop, and retain the …

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