Your Supply Chain: Six Proactive Steps to Take Now

By Tom Cramer
  One of the realities of running a small to mid-sized enterprise is learning that one of your primary challenges is learning to respond to change. It is the nature of experience that our outlooks are shaped by those changes and how we react to them. We quickly learn that the current “crisis” is not an interruption of normal that will be resolved and go back to the way things were. Rather, gaining the skills of managing and thriving through successive crises is what often separates successful ventures from failures …

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Understanding Your Supply Chain: Why it Matters

By: Tom Cramer It was only less than a couple of years ago when almost no one had heard the term “social distancing” in the pre-covid world. Likewise, only a small fraction of owners of SMEs had heard the term Supply Chain other than in a passing reference to other issues. This description of global logistics was reserved for specialists in most cases. No Longer an Abstract Concept Professional military planners have long focused on supply and logistics as keys to their success in battle. However, most business people in small to mid-sized businesses in the …

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