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Looking Ahead: Top Concerns for CEOs in 2020

With 2020 quickly approaching, assessing your mid-year success thus far and looking ahead to your goals for the next year, many CEOs are acknowledging a growing concern in two key areas. These are in the area of growth and technology proficiency. Though growth is always a hot topic among CEOs, the issue of being prepared for the technological changes coming in 2020 and beyond is a new and ever-pressing concern. According to a recent 2019 Garner Survey of 473 CEOs and senior business executives, …

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CEOs Reveal The Top 7 Topics to Focus On Every Week

As the leader of your organization staying on top of everything in and out of your role can be another full-time job. Finding the time to dedicate to focusing on important topics to improve workplace productivity, enhance employee relationships, and tap into innovation to drive your company forward is often a challenge. According to leading CEO peer groups, these are the top 7 topics every CEO should make an effort to reflect on at least once a week.

  1. Think about the future. With the business landscape changing so rapidly, it is important to …

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