CEO Productivity

Avoid These 3 Productivity Drainers in 2020

When it comes to working efficiently, CEOs have to be master multi-taskers to get everything done. With so much on your daily to-do list, eliminating time drainers becomes an important part of how you operate. Although some time-consuming tasks cannot be avoided, being mindful of how you tackle certain tasks can be essential in helping you increase your productivity in the office. According to leading CEO consultants and peer groups, these are the top three productivity obstacles CEOs face. #1 – Checking Emails At the Beginning of Your Day. Email communication has revolutionized how we …

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How Leading CEOs Increase Their Productivity

As the CEO, you are expected to perform at a high level, every day, without fail. However, maintaining your peak performance, amidst the stress and mental intensity that your role requires can be challenging. Having proven, business-tested ways to manage your responsibilities while also keeping your motivation and productivity levels high is mission critical to perform well in your role. According to leading CEO peer group and CEO development consultants, here are the top ways that you can enhance your productivity.

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5 Important Habits Successful CEOs Have

As the CEO of your organization, having to manage your time to get everything done is a much-needed skill. So much so that when researchers examined what the world’s most successful CEOs do and how they structure their workdays, an interesting trend emerged. Research suggests that by leveraging these proven productivity habits could be the secret that leading CEOs of Fortune 100 companies use to maximize their efficiency and skyrocket their productivity. Habit #1: Make face-to-face interactions a priority. Sending emails is great to document your requests or to get a quick note …

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