Business Productivity

Top 3 Ways to Avoid Task Overwhelm

When it comes to leading your organization, managing your time is mission critical in order to ensure that you hit key milestones and keep your executive teams on track. For many CEOs, planning each day can seem like an insurmountable task, overrun with long to-do lists that can spark anxiety. That’s why it’s important to spend time before each week starts to identify the most important deliverables to be accomplished that following week. The most successful CEOs also dedicate the first 30 minutes of their day mapping out what essential tasks …

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Avoid These Costly Business Mistakes!

With the coronavirus pandemic crippling the business world, now is the time to make sure you avoid these costly (and all too common) CEO mistakes!

  1. Does not have adequate differentiating characteristics for the business.
  2. Does not effectively articulate critical advantage or differentiation to the marketplace. Hint: it’s not great customer service. Everyone claims that.
  3. Does not articulate company value proposition and differentiation in elevator speech.
  4. Does not pay enough attention to the most critical element of financial management: cash …

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Top 3 Reasons Why Every CEO Needs a Hobby

I’m sure you have heard of the adage, “Work hard, play harder.” And, in business, recent research may suggest that this is the key to becoming a better leader. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, CEOs that were amateur pilots tended to run more innovative companies. In an October 2018, study researchers surveyed the CEOs at Fortune 500 companies to explore their hobbies and learn how they may impact their ability to lead their respective organizations. Here are the top 3 reasons why having a hobby can make you a better leader.


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Top Must-Read Articles for CEOs in 2020

As business competition intensifies in almost every industry, staying ahead of the curve and learning at every turn is quickly become every CEOs top priority. However, with business tasks and responsibilities taking precedence over dedicating time to learn and research, the challenge becomes finding the time and the resources you can leverage now to keep your business at the head of the pack. Whether you join a leading CEO peer group or take a do-it-yourself learning approach, these top 5 business articles should be on your reading list.

  1. "5 Things You Need …

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The Most Successful CEOs Do These Top 4 Things

Being a successful CEO goes beyond just having strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Knowing how to execute and strategically position your company to grow in highly competitive industries is key. When business consultants and CEO peer development coaches studied the things that all successful CEOs did, an interesting trend emerged. Here are the top four behaviors the world’s most profitable CEOs do to ensure that their companies are on a trajectory for growth.

  1. Stay committed to making fast and accurate decisions. High-performing CEOs are known for being extremely …

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The Power of Lunch with the CEO

Engaging your employees, especially as part of the executive team can be challenging. Traditionally speaking, most organizational hierarchies tend to separate, by design, the most senior executives from lower level employees. However, recent research is pointing to the need for CEOs to be more hands-on with all employees to increase workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. And, having regular lunch sessions that enable the CEO to interact with all employees to share their strategic vision and allow employees to contribute their ideas can be a beneficial way to breakdown the traditional hierarchy …

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