Business Leadership

How Leading CEOs Are Evolving Their Companies During COVID-19

With the pandemic redefining how many companies operate, now more than ever, revisiting corporate strategy is key. One way that leading CEOs are reducing uncertainty is by generating flexible strategies that have strong business cases. As the competition in all industries heats up, with many businesses having to pivot to new customers, new product offerings, and new ways of doing business, the key will be in which CEOs can implement these three forward-thinking approaches.

  1. Reframe what winning really means now. It can be challenging for CEOs to …

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Avoid These Costly Business Mistakes!

With the coronavirus pandemic crippling the business world, now is the time to make sure you avoid these costly (and all too common) CEO mistakes!

  1. Does not have adequate differentiating characteristics for the business.
  2. Does not effectively articulate critical advantage or differentiation to the marketplace. Hint: it’s not great customer service. Everyone claims that.
  3. Does not articulate company value proposition and differentiation in elevator speech.
  4. Does not pay enough attention to the most critical element of financial management: cash …

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Top 3 Priorities for CEOs in 2019

Even with 2019 nearly half over, CEOs must start looking to finish this year strong and strategically position their organizations to thrive in 2020. When it comes to propelling your business forward, regardless of your industry, staying on top of industry-changing trends is a must. According to the CEO development consultants at The Brain Trust, here are the top 3 priorities you should have through the remainder of 2019 and beyond.

  1. Make investing in new technology a must. Some tech experts assert that we are on the …

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