Managing in a New Environment

By: Tom Cramer
  Many experts in the field of management and human resources are writing and speaking about the unprecedented management environment they are witnessing. Something of a perfect storm over the past decade has encompassed the growing role of a “new mindset” among younger workers, the impact of the pandemic, and the adjustments required in a post-pandemic environment. Beyond the Great Resignation These and other realities are forcing successful managers and leaders to recognize two essential facts. First, the situations they face today are different from those of just a few years ago, and often …

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Top 3 Steps to Create an Environment of Accountability

  In business, it is not what you know that propels you forward, but instead how you execute. And, as the CEO, if you are not generating the results you want, then it is time to put measures in place to make sure your teams are performing at their best. When you have a clear understanding of the roles within your organization as well as what layers of accountability you can build in, this enables you to pinpoint where teams, departments, or individual employees may be falling short. According to experienced CEO …

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Is Lack of Accountability Standing In Your Way?

When it comes to propelling your business forward, having a plan is only part of the battle. What ultimately determines the success of even the most well-thought-out plans and what will drive growth is rooted in how well you execute. And, when it comes to juggling all of the professional responsibilities of being the leader of your organization, executing to your highest potential can quickly wane. This where the power of accountability comes into play and can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals and implement strategic plans to take …

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