Want Respect? Do These 10 Things Every Day

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Even at the CEO level, respect is earned from every interaction you have with key stakeholders both inside and outside of your organization. Losing sight of this could set you on a course to have the authority to run your company but without the esteem of the very people you need to make things happen. According to leading CEO development consultants, here are the respect-earning things you should be doing everyday.

1. Make promises that you can keep.

In fact, you want to always aim to underpromise and overdeliver. Not only does this help to show your employees that you are committed to success, but that you also take your responsibility and promises seriously. For your clients, it is a welcomed surprise to get that report or have the project finished earlier than expected. Setting the right level of expectations is important so everyone involved is clear on what is to be done, and by when. If you are able to deliver the promise early or with more benefits, it’s a win-win for the whole team!

2. Let your teams know that you appreciate them.

All too often, CEOs wait too long to acknowledge good works. Make it something that you do on a daily basis. Whether you tell an employee in a quick email or water cooler exchange, be sure to let your teams know that you appreciate their work and their dedication.

3. Check your authority.

In other words, make humility a part of how you lead. You want your employees to know that you are approachable and available to answer their questions, hear their ideas, and address their concerns. Acknowledging your mistakes and when you are unsure of an answer is also an important component of remaining humble.

4. Spread your vision.

You want your employees to know and embody the business’ mission and strategic vision. But, in order to do this, you must clearly communicate it and tie their work to the larger goal. Whether you share a daily goal, motivational quote, or showcase how the impact of their work, the key is to make your goals and visions front and center.

5. Be honest.

Respected leaders are honest at all times. If the company is losing money and you need to reorganize positions, tell your teams. Your teams trust that you are able to lead and to lead with a sense of integrity and honesty. When you start to lie (for whatever reason) you stand to lose their trust and their commitment in seeing their work through.

6. Be productive.

There is a difference between “looking” busy and getting things done. You want to have daily, weekly, and monthly goals for yourself too. This is important for your teams to see to know that you practice what you preach and are just as willing to put in the hard work that you also expect out of them.

7. Learn something new.

The most effective leaders are those that put learning first. They understand that the world is ever-evolving and that to stay ahead, they must research, study, and find new ways to innovate. Whenever possible, share your learning with your employees. When leaders are active learners, it conveys to your company that learning is a priority.

8. Stay passionate.

Your energy sets the tone for your company. You want your employees to be upbeat, motivated, and productive – so you must also convey these ideals. Incorporating relaxing and energizing activities throughout your workday, whether it be exercising, meditation, or a hobby it is important that you have the “get-up-and-go” you need to bring your passion to the office.

9. Track your daily progress.

Results-driven leaders track everything, all the time. You want to make sure you are working toward your personal and professional goals. This helps to create a sense of accountability within your organization that will help you drive results in all that you do.

10. Invest in others.

Leaders should value their employees and take an interest in seeing them succeed professionally. This often involves investing in their professional development. Through mentoring, coaching, training opportunities, providing a learning stipend each year – offering a host of ways for your employees to continually learn is key.

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