Top 5 Business Articles Every CEO Must Read

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As business competition intensifies in almost every industry, staying ahead of the curve and learning at every turn is quickly become every CEOs top priority. However, with business tasks and responsibilities taking precedence over dedicating time to learn and research, the challenge becomes finding the time and the resources you can leverage now to keep your business at the head of the pack. Whether you join a leading CEO peer group or take a do-it-yourself learning approach, these top 5 business articles should be on your reading list this week.

  1. “If You Are These Five Things, You Are Destined to Be a Leader of the Future” by Laura Garnett. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, traditional leadership qualities just won’t move the mark. This insightful article sheds light on the top five executive traits the most successful CEOs have to inspire their teams to want to do more and take an active role in propelling their organizations forward.
  1. “Why Motivating Others Starts With Using the Right Language” by David Marquet. What you say to your employees and how you say it are now more important than ever before. The workforce today is not driven by the same principles and are looking for the best company fit that aligns with their goals and interests. Making sure you are using the most impactful language in all of your interactions is the easiest way to motivate your employees to take initiative, drive results, and own their success.
  1. “The Power of Starting With ‘Yes'” by Tony Schwartz. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself constantly saying “no”. Being leery or cautious is a natural human instinct, but letting this override how you lead can be a surefire way to negatively impact the workplace morale. This actionable article explains just how powerful saying “yes” can be in transforming how your employees explore and embrace new ideas and how you can leverage synergy to move your company in new directions.
  1. “Put on a Happy Face. Seriously” by Nancy Rothbard. Believe it or not, how your employees feel in the morning, walking into work will influence how they perform throughout the day. Setting a positive and welcoming tone in the office every morning can help increase both employee satisfaction and business productivity. For leading CEOs, it is critical to be the leader in not only how work is performed, but also in shaping the overall mood of your work areas. This article sheds light on new research and how CEOs can leverage scientific findings to seamlessly boost company success.
  1. “5 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Work” by Richard Branson. Your customers and the market are constantly changing and will change even faster over the next decade. This well-written article lets you in on the innovative processes at Virgin United and the top five things you need to know about the future of work to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and inspire your employees to innovate at new levels.

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