Top 3 Ways to Keep The Morale High in 2021

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This past year has been one riddled with uncertainty and anxiety, especially for executive leaders. However, how you set the tone going into 2021 will be important in shaping the motivation level of your teams and ultimately what they can accomplish. It can be challenging, as the leader of your organization, how to bring certainty in the midst of so much changing across all business industries. The leading CEO Mastermind coaches and CEO development groups point to these 3 strategies as being the most important to keep your teams engaged, focused on results, and aligned to embrace change.

  1. Encourage Self-Care Time – For so many companies, working from home has become the norm. But, with family responsibilities and the stress of this new time, it’s important to encourage your employees to put self-care first. This could look like you offering virtual training sessions to help them establish productive work-from-home environments or giving them an hour a week off to relax. Even virtual happy hours are a great way to connect – outside of work – for employees to have time to share what’s going on in their lives.

  2. Embrace How People Work and Learn – Not everyone learns the same way. And as your company adapts to this new normal, it will be critical for executive leaders to take this point into account. It may take some employees longer to adjust to changes, while others may thrive with the constant pivots. What’s key is that you give time, space, and ample patience for your employees to fall into a routine. It can be equally important to set clear performance expectations and to make yourself available to address any concerns or challenges your teams may have.

  3. Check In Often For Updates  – In a virtual environment or in one that has a lot of fast-moving changes taking place, it can be difficult to make time to consistently check in with your team leaders. To keep productivity and creativity high, you’ll want to schedule in time for employees to share their progress, provide updates, and be able to communicate any roadblocks they’re trying to navigate. The more proactive you can be in keeping the lines of communication open, the more supported and heard your teams will feel.

Though these three ways are a great place to start as you help your teams embrace change, it is essential for you to remain agile in thought and flexible in action to be able to pivot as needed. We are in unprecedented times, but the tone and the pace of success is and still needs to be set from the top. And, that starts with you as the Executive Leader.

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