Top 3 Reasons You Need a CEO Blog

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As the leader of your organization, you need to be visible as often as possible. Whether it is hosting lunch and learns with department managers, visiting employees to hear their ideas, or making yourself available, these are all effective ways to stay front and center as the leader of your organization. However, successful CEOs are taking their visibility a step further by starting their own CEO blog. This online platform can be used to share important company information, expand on your strategic vision for the business, or to provide an insider’s view into your industry. Either way, having a consistent way to capture your ideas and knowledge is a great way to exert your stance as a thought leader.

According to CEO peer groups and CEO development consultants, these are the top three reasons to start a CEO blog in 2019.

  1. Makes you the face of your organization. The CEO is the most prominent role of any organization, yet many CEO shy away from being highly visible to clients. By having a blog, this establishes you as the leader and gives your clients a way to connect with you and become more involved with your company. In addition, a blog is an effective way for you to share your company’s mission and values with the public.
  1. Exposes your vision to multiple audiences. When you blog, this opens up communication with a host of audiences, including employees, other CEOs or executive leaders, key stakeholders, and clients. Blog content can be tailored to appeal to each audience, giving them the information and insight they may need to stay informed of what you are doing or have planned for the future.
  1. Establishes you as an expert in your field. By crafting and publishing informational blogs that detail important trends, little-known information about your industry, or even innovative strategies that you have used with your business can all be great topics to share with a variety of audiences. Not only does this assert you as the leader of your organization, but it will quickly establish you as a credible thought leader in your field.

BONUS: Drive more website traffic. Before embarking on starting a CEO blog, CEO peer groups highly recommend doing keyword research to identify the words that potential clients in your industry are likely to search for. This way, as you create blog content, you can insert these keywords in your text to improve your company’s search engine ranking. Your blog topics can also address important questions or areas of interest for your clients and therefore be used as an effective marketing tool to attract new business.

Do you have a current CEO blog? If you are interested in getting started, but not sure how, contact us at The Brain Trust and we can provide additional guidance.