Stress & the Secret To Handling it Successfully

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As a CEO, entrepreneur, or business owner you have a tremendous amount of stress in your everyday life. Because the ultimate responsibility for everything about your business, including the financial well being of your team members rests solely on your shoulders, stress has become a natural (and often inevitable) part of your business. Recent research has shown that 48% of working professionals say stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life. When it comes to understanding stress, how it impacts workplace performance and how it can be managed, it is important to consider that stress is a perception-based concept. In other words, CEO advisors emphasize that “stress is not happening to us, instead stress is something we do to ourselves.”

How you respond to stress and your reaction to that stimulus puts stress on your body, which ultimately results in illness, disease, fatigue, headaches, negative thinking, deteriorating relationships, poor reasoning, poor decision making, and an increased potential for failure.

According to CEO coaching experts, the key to managing stress is to consider the universal law of attraction. If you are able to view changing situations in your business as opportunities to learn and grow as opposed to in a negative light, then you are able to attract more positivity to how you approach your business and challenges.

I often hear people remark that they have a lot of stress in their lives – after all, everyone does these days, right? However, what many CEOs do not realize is that they are actually choosing that pathway, and are, in turn, not taking responsibility for that choice. At The Brain Trust, in our CEO advisory groups, we challenge each other to learn to make a conscious choice to react differently and change how we view stress and as a result we transform our lives forever. When you react in a healthy, positive way, what you are experiencing is no longer “stress”,  instead it represents something that we can continue to learn from.

As an experienced CEO and CEO coaching specialist, who has made all of the mistakes reacting to stress the wrong way, resulting in all kinds of illness in my life, take it from me, choosing healthy reactions, can help you perform at your best.

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