Finding the Right CEO Peer Group Match

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As business challenges constantly evolve, having a trusted group of executive leaders to tap into for advice and strategies can be just what you need to take your leadership abilities to the next level. To gain this competitive advantage, many successful CEOs are joining CEO peer groups to reduce their learning curve and accelerate their business results. However, buyer beware! Not all CEO advisory groups are made equal and depending on what you need, finding the right fit is key.

Think about the makeup of the group.

Since you will be sharing intimate details about your business, you want to be sure there are no CEOs from directly competing companies in your group. If you are seeking to expand your way of thinking in terms of how you approach your business, then having a very diverse group of CEO peer group members will be important.

Consider how meetings are structured.

Do you prefer a more formal or informal setting? Some CEO advisory groups offer meeting facilitators who help to oversee meetings, lead discussions, and otherwise ensure that information sharing is done so in a formal manner. Other CEO peer groups are completely run by their members, who may rotate responsibilities. If you finding extra time to facilitate meetings is not a viable option for you, then seeking out facilitator-led CEO development programs is most likely the best alternative.

Evaluate the group’s approach and philosophy.

Just as in business, every CEO peer group is organized and run differently. Some may require a detailed “voting” process to be accepted into the group, while others may be more flexible in who they accept as members. In addition, how advice or feedback is given among members may be different and/or restricted, depending on the rules that the CEO advisory group has in place. For example, members may not be able to provide direct advice, but, instead may be permitted to provide their own personal experiences and lessons learned. Asking beforehand about meeting and member restrictions is an important thing to do as you consider which CEO club may be the right fit for you.

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