What Every Successful CEO Is Doing Right Now

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When it comes to managing a host of different priorities and navigating the various objectives of key stakeholders, CEOs have their work cut out for them. Leading CEOs are able to manage the many hats they juggle, from being the expert salesman, to leading strategic marketing initiatives, to being the consummate diplomat when conflict arises – you have to be ready and able to conquer it all.

Over my 20+ years of experience working with a host of CEOs through our award-winning CEO peer group, The Brain Trust, I’ve noticed three things that the most successful CEOs are doing right now to inspire their teams and to grow their companies exponentially.

1. They look inward first.

When you understand that you set the ultimate example for your company, then you should be aware of how you behave toward others. You want to model the behavior that you want your employees to have. If you want a strong work ethic, then you need to have the same. If you want more collaboration and brainstorming, then you have to make this a priority too. The key is to be self-reflective and understand what behaviors you may exude and what role and signal they may send to your teams. If something is not in alignment, then you should be the first to “check” yourself. Remember, your company is a reflection of your leadership.

2. They study their environments.

Leading CEOs are quick to give praise, when it is due. They take note of employee performance and make a point to acknowledge those who go above and beyond. Not only does this help to build a strong sense of value among your employees but it also shows your teams that you do care and pay attention to their input. This also signals to your employees that you will be equally quick to know when someone is not carrying their weight either. This begins to foster a sense of accountability that can spur your teams to be more productive.

3. They crave new ideas.

The best CEOs I’ve encountered have a clear vision and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill that vision. SO, if they need to pivot or consider new ways of doing things, they are more than willing to do it. When something isn’t working, they are not concerned with “saving face” and welcome new ideas from employees to better position the company for growth. Effective leaders also don’t shy away from learning new things and value professional development for themselves and for their teams.

As you go through your week, this week, I challenge you to reflect on these three CEO habits and assess how well or how often you do these. 

In today’s business landscape, it is imperative for CEOs to evolve and look for ways to improve their leadership skills to lead more effectively. 

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