5 New Year’s Resolutions Every CEO Needs For 2019

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With the new year upon us, it is important to begin putting new changes in place to help you propel your company forward and reach your own personal and leadership goals. According to leading CEO peer groups and CEO development consultants here are the top 5 leadership resolutions you should pursue to make 2019 the most productive and efficient year yet.

  1. Have a purpose for every day

Starting every day with one goal to achieve can help you stay laser-focused throughout the day. This can be as simple as going through your emails or as complex as meeting with all department managers. Whatever your daily goal is, identify it early in the morning and check in with yourself to see how you are progressing toward achieving that goal at lunchtime, and again in the afternoon. In some cases, you may have the same daily goal multiple days in a row. The key with these is to track your actions and ensure they are aligned with helping you achieve your goal.

  1. Don’t get too consumed with emails

Answering emails can be a major time and energy drainer. Instead of making that the first thing you do in the office, instead shift your focus to making a to-do list or establishing your daily goals. Having this dedicated time before you are bombarded by email requests and questions. It is okay to build in time to disconnect so you can focus on getting other, more important work done.

  1. Figure out your non-negotiables

What are those things that you are doing (or not doing) that are not adding to your productivity? Perhaps it is spending too much time on your computer and not enough time networking with other CEOs or pursuing CEO development options. Or, maybe you procrastinate longer than you should which creates stress or tension within your teams. Whatever the behavior is that needs to be curbed to boost your productivity, find it and commit to making it a non-negotiable part of your life that needs to be cut out of your daily routine.

  1. Make serving others a priority

Mentoring a protege or finding ways to give back to the greater community can be effective ways to network with key stakeholders and also give you a sense of fulfillment. Often times as the CEO, you become disconnected from the day-to-day life of your employees. By taking a step back and making yourself more accessible to help others can be a great way to establish lasting connections with your teams and with the larger community.

  1. Invest in cybersecurity

As data breaches have plagued even the largest companies in the world, hackers are getting more sophisticated with their methods. It is better to be proactive in making sure your business’ infrastructures are protected and that your employees have the training they need to prevent cyber attacks as well. With the new year, review your cybersecurity protocols and establish updated ones that can help protect your company’s most sensitive data from attack.

These are just 5 New Year’s resolutions to consider as you embark on your 2019 business and personal goals. What other resolutions do you have in your sights? Share them with us on our Facebook page here.