3 Questions Every Innovative CEO Must Ask Themselves Before 2021

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With our new business and world reality staring us down, many executive leaders are being faced with having to make tough decisions to salvage their revenues. That’s why approaching 2021 with a highly strategic vision and a clearly-defined plan is key to positioning your business to thrive – no matter what comes next.

According to leading CEO Mastermind Coaching Experts, here are the top questions to answer now before the new year.

  1. How can we structure our business to thrive in short-term sprints? In this new crisis-oriented environment, businesses have had to remain agile and flexible to pivot in the short-term. As a result, many CEOs have had to focus on short-term gains, over viewing the business on a longer-term trajectory. It’s important now to begin considering how to structure your business to continue to thrive in shorter 3-month or 6-month sprints that allow you to focus on expanding one strategic area, rather than trying to take more complex business pivots. With this near-sighted approach, you’ll be well positioned to channel your resources toward driving key initiatives that can move the needle now.

  2. How can you close the skills gaps in your leadership team? As you will have to continue to evolve in this new post-pandemic world, if there are glaring skills and capability gaps, they’ll be very evident now more than ever. It’s critical to have a leadership team that can continue to innovate, inspire, and lead during times of extreme uncertainty. If you haven’t invested in developing your executive team’s communication skills, then now is the time to consider how you can leverage local CEO mastermind coaching to assist. With many of your workforce likely working from home or on impacted schedules, how your leadership teams communicate expectations will be essential in how well you’ll thrive during the next 6-12 months.
  3. How do we over deliver to customers without burning out our employees? The hard reality is many companies, including yours, may need to adopt longer term virtual working environments. This can present a challenge for employees, especially those that are trying to manage family priorities. It will be important to set clear expectations of work productivity while also understanding the added level of stress and overwhelm this new business landscape is inevitably creating. Over delivering for your customers should start with first identifying who your best customers are and looking for ways to provide additional value based on current assets and resources you have available. This could be offering new virtual consulting services, adding in an extra 30-minute check in meeting each week, or providing a brief monthly write-up outlining strategic recommendations.

We’ve been thrust into a truly unique time for CEOs to lead their organization amidst the pandemic. The most successful CEOs are already thinking ahead and considering how to adjust in short-term growth spurts, while embracing a new work environment, and consistently overdelivering for their customers. The challenge will be not in what your answers are to the questions above, but how you’ll execute on them to position your company to thrive in 2021. 

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