“After working with John Boggs, our sales team was filled with optimism. Since then, our ability to win new business has been nothing short of phenomenal. John’s knowledge, experience and common sense approach to selling have definitely been major contributing factors in our continued success. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to other companies who are searching for a better, more profitable way to do business. My thanks to John and his company—we couldn’t have done it without him.”

Rick Jones President, COO, Creative Director Scott-McRae Advertising, Inc.

“John Boggs and his Insight Human Dynamics sales training definitely helped push my career to the next level. By refocusing on the sales process and the psychology surrounding the sale, I have learned how to pre-qualify prospects. And weed out the tire kickers, the non-decision makers and the time wasters. Insight Human Dynamics enables me to fill my sales funnel with real, live decision makers. And, instead of focusing on selling products, I concentrate on selling solutions. Bottom line? This proven, solid training system works. It saves me time and makes me money. I highly recommend it!”

John Koerner, Independent Sales Agent, Weinig USA, SE region

“My time with John Boggs and his Insight Training System was a real eye opener. Like most folks, I’ve gone through sales training before. Somehow, at the end, I always felt the need for something more. Something that would really make a positive difference in my business and in my life. I found it in the Insight Training System. Now, whether it’s developing new business or closing the sale—any phase of the sales process—I have the confidence and the tools to make things happen.”

Chad M. Smith, Regional Account Mgr., USNR, Hot Springs, AR.

“When I first met John nine years ago, I had just joined Insurance Office of America and was a true greenhorn in the commercial insurance sales world. Prospects were using me for quotes and I had no idea why I was not closing deals. I was hesitant to call on new clients and big accounts and had no plan to get better or achieve more. I felt like I was on a treadmill, destined to make $75,000 for the rest of my life. John’s Insight system changed all that. John’s questioning techniques and coaching helped me understand the prospect’s decision-making process and enabled me to ‘get to the truth’ much faster. He helped me turn a painful process into one of the great joys of my life. John’s training gave me the confidence to win some very large accounts. I am now one of three national insurance vendors for a premier home cleaning company with over 265 franchises. That same confidence has allowed me to manage the group benefits with Florida’s largest property management company.

Today, I work with much bigger accounts which have translated into an income well beyond my expectations. Follow John’s Insight system and the sky is the limit on your sales career..”

Michael Schwartz, IOA