Atlanta Area Sales Training Peer Group

For the Salesperson and the Sales Manager

The Brain Trust and Southwestern Consulting(1), the fastest growing professional sales consulting & coaching company in America, are partnering to create a Mastermind Membership Group for Sales People and Sales Managers.

The program includes a monthly, half day meeting for instruction, training and coaching in the following areas:
  • Salesmanship training
  • Sales Management Training
  • High Performance Sales/Leadership Habits
  • Implementation of sales activity tracking tools
  • Leadership Training

… Providing the following benefits and outcomes:

  • Increase the quality of your prospects through qualifying techniques.
  • Increase your closing %’s(2)
  • Develop strategies to increase the % of time your high valued sales resources spend in front of prospective customers.
  • Develop KPI’s/ Critical Success Factors.
  • Develop your structure and sales culture methodology.
  • Learn cutting edge skills, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Close sales twice as fast resulting in a dramatic increase in selling time.
  • Learn from other sales executives and the Co-Leaders.
  • Overcome challenges through seeking input from the Master Mind (the combined brain power and experience of all attendees and both leaders (Tom Cramer and the Southwestern Consulting Master Trainer)
  • Best Practice:
    • Sales and Recruiting Strategies
    • Compensation and Incentives Strategies
    • Leadership and Retention concepts
    • Techniques for qualifying your prospects

Dramatically increase your company’s sales!

“When Tom showed me that if we increased our closing percentage from 30% to 33% that we would see an increase in sales of $2,000,000 (10% X $20M), and a bottom line impact of $650,000 … I jumped at the chance to try his ideas. Now it looks like we’ll get to 36% which will double those numbers.” James Rehnquist, CEO, Excel, Inc.

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1 Southwestern Consulting, is the fastest growing professional sales training company in America with more than 100 team members who have consulted in over 10,000 offices, very similar to your company, in the last 10 years.

2 Let’s take just one of the benefits mentioned above … Increased Closing % . Let’s assume you have a $10,000,000 company with a closing % of 25%. If we were able to help you increase that to a 30% closing rate, this would increase your sales by $2,000,000. Assuming your gross margin is 30%, that’s an incremental gross margin of $600,000 with a relatively small increase in overhead. In most companies, that would result in a bottom line improvement of approximately $400,000 PER YEAR. Are you willing to invest $9,600 per year to get a decent chance at a 50 times ROI? (check out our testimonials … a 20% increase in the closing rate is below what we are able to achieve with many of our clients).